Jack N. GREEN | John Newton Green

* 18.11.1946, San Francisco, USA

Chefkameramann (cinematographer, ASC > seit 1992) * arbeitet zunächst als Frisör im Familienunternehmen und entscheidet sich dann mehr und mehr für sein Hobby Fotografie ("Over a few years, I became a very part-time barber and an almost full-time camera assistant, and in 1965, I got into the union in Northern California, and it became a full-time job.") * seit 1965 arbeitet als (assistant) cameraman für kleine Produktionsfirmen (W.A. Palmer in San Francisco; John Lowry Productions in Los Angeles) und macht sich einen Namen als Spezialist für Flugaufnahmen [aerials] * 1968 geht nach Hollywood / Los Angeles und sammelt dort Erfahrungen beim Filmen von Flug- und Actionsequenzen bekannter Produktionen (chase scenes for Bullitt, naval pictorials for Tora! Tora! Tora!, urban flyovers on Dirty Harry, rafting sequences for Rooster Cogburn > Variety) * (Anfang der 70er Jahre) avanciert zum camera assistant und (kurz darauf) camera operator ("My break came with [cinematographer] Michael Watkins on [producer] Roger Corman's Fighting Mad [1975/76]") * (bis 1985) ist an vielen Filmen von und mit Clint Eastwood beteiligt ("Clint could describe eight shots in eight words") * 1982 lehnt die Beförderung zum cinematographer ab ("I honestly didn't feel ready. I didn't know if Clint would give me another shot, but I loved being his operator, anyway; operating is a great job and doesn't have the responsibilities of being the director of photography. You're part of the creative team, but you're only responsible for getting the shot, and you know right away whether you've got it - you can sleep at night! I asked Clint to let me do a little more maturing in my mind first, and to his credit, he did, and he made the offer again when he decided to make Heartbreak Ridge") und debütiert 1986 schließlich als Chefkameramann in einem weiteren Film von Eastwood * (bis 1999) filmt für Eastwood (als Regisseur) 11 Filme * 1995/96 gibt sein Debüt als Regisseur mit dem Drama Traveller - 2000 inszeniert den Fernsehfilm Pretty When You Cry | Bild: (?)

"Cinematography is an art, but it is also a craft. It's like learning to mix paints to get just the right colours. You aren't just creating looks; you are helping to tell the story by creating moods. I don't believe in playing it safe. I would rather work on the edge and trust my instincts."

"People who come out of a graduate program and start at the top as a director of photography can have problems when they get to a real movie set. It can work, but crews don't particularly like it because that cinematographer might not know how to speak to a crew, and the crew knows he or she hasn't done any of their jobs. There can be misunderstandings on both sides. In this business, there's a real advantage coming up through the school of hard knocks. You've been part of a crew, so you know how the grip or the electrician feels about something, and you know how to speak to them in ways that make them feel good about the jobs they're doing."


Heartbreak Ridge (Heartbreak Ridge, 1986-USA; R: Clint Eastwood, B: James Carabatsos, K: Jack N. Green, M: Lennie Niehaus, D: Clint Eastwood: Tom Highway, Marsha Mason: Aggie) 130m-Militärdrama (06-07; 8612)

Like Father, Like Son (Wie der Vater, so der Sohn, 1987-USA; R: Rod Daniel, B: Lorne Cameron, Steven L. Bloom, K: Jack N. Green, M: Miles Goodman, D: Dudley Moore: Dr. Jack Hammond * Kirk Cameron: Chris Hammond, Margaret Colin: Ginnie Armbruster, Catherine Hicks: Dr. Amy Larkin, Patrick O'Neal: Dr. Armbruster & Sean Astin: Trigger) 97m-Fantasykomödie (03-05; 8710)

Bird (Bird, 1987-USA; R: Clint Eastwood, B: Joel Oliansky, K: Jack N. Green, M: Lennie Niehaus, D: Forest Whitaker: Charlie "Bird" Parker, Diane Venora: Chan Parker) 160m-Musikerbiografie (10-12; 8809)

The Dead Pool (1988-USA * Buddy Van Horn) (02-?; 8807)

Race for Glory (Donner des Todes, 1988-USA; R: Rocky Lang, B: Scott Swanton, K: Jack N. Green, M: Jay Ferguson, D: Alex McArthur: Cody Gifford * Peter Berg: Chris Washburn, Pamela Ludwig: Jenny Eastman, Ray Wise: Jack Davis) 96/104m-Sportdrama (06-09; 8911)

Pink Cadillac (1988-USA * Buddy Van Horn) (10-?; 8905)

White Hunter, Black Heart (1989-USA * Clint Eastwood) (Roman von Peter Viertel) (06-08; 9005-D)

The Rookie (Rookie - Der Anfänger, 1990-USA; R: Clint Eastwood, B: Boaz Yakin, Scott Spiegel, K: Jack N. Green, M: Lennie Niehaus, D: Clint Eastwood: Nick Pulovski * Charlie Sheen: David Ackerman * Raul Julia: Strom * Sonia Braga: Liesl) 121m-Actionkrimi (04-07; 9012)

Love Crimes (Love Crimes, 1990-USA; R: Lizzie Borden, B: Allan Moyle, Laurie Frank, K: Jack N. Green, M: Graeme Revell, D: Sean Young: Dana Greenway ° Patrick Bergin: David Hanover, Arnetia Walker: Maria Johnson, James Read: Stanton Gray) 84/91m-Thriller (08-10; 9201)

Deceived (Getäuscht, 1991-USA; R: Damian Harris, B: Mary Agnes Donoghue, Derek Saunders [= Bruce Joel Rubin], K: Jack N. Green, M: Thomas Newman, D: Goldie Hawn: Adrienne Saunders, John Heard: Jack Saunders) 104m-Psychothriller (01-04; 9109)

Unforgiven (1991-USA * Clint Eastwood) (08-11; 9208)

Rookie of the Year (Der Durchstarter, 1992-USA; R: Daniel Stern, B: Sam Harper, K: Jack N. Green, M: Bill Conti, D: Thomas Ian Nicholas: Henry Rowengartner, Gary Busey: Chet Steadman, Dan Hedaya: Larry "Fish" Fisher & Daniel Stern: Brickma) 104m-Sportkomödie (09-12; 9307)

A Perfect World (1993-USA * Clint Eastwood) (04-07; 9311)

Bad Company (1993-USA * Damian Harris) (08-10; 9501)

Trapped in Paradise (Schneesturm im Paradies, 1994-USA; R+B: George Gallo, K: Jack N. Green, M: Robert Folk, D: Nicolas Cage: Bill Firpo * Jon Lovitz: Dave Firpo * Dana Carvey: Alvin Firpo, John Ashton: Ed Dawson, Mädchen Amick: Sarah Collins, Donald Moffat: Clifford Anderson, Richard Jenkins: Shaddus Peyser) 111m-Komödie (01-04; 9412)

The Amazing Panda Adventure (Little Panda, 1994-USA; R: Christopher Cain, B: Jeff Rothberg, Laurice Elehwany, K: Jack N. Green, M: William Ross, D: Stephen Lang: Michael Tyler, Yi Ding: Ling, Ryan Slater: Ryan Tyler) 84m-Familienabenteuer (06-08; 9508)

The Bridges of Madison County (1994-USA * Clint Eastwood) (Roman von Robert James Waller) (09-10; 9506)

The Net (Das Netz, 1995-USA; R: Irwin Winkler, B: John [D.] Brancato, Michael Ferris, K: Jack N. Green, M: Mark Isham, D: Sandra Bullock: Angela Bennett, Jeremy Northam: Jack Devlin, Dennis Miller: Dr. Alan Champion) 114m-Thriller (01-04; 9507)

Twister (Twister, 1995-USA; R: Jan de Bont, B: Michael Crichton, Anne-Marie Martin, K: Jack N. Green, M: Mark Mancina, D: Helen Hunt: Jo Harding * Bill Paxton: Bill Harding, Jami Gertz: Melissa & Cary Elwes: Jonas Miller) 113m-Actionthriller (05-08; 9605)

Traveller (Traveller, 1995/96-USA; R: Jack N. Green, B: Jim McGlynn, K*: [Jack N. Green], M: Andy Paley, D: Bill Paxton: Bokky * Mark Wahlberg: Pat O'Hara * Julianna Margulies: Jean) 100m-Drama (11-01; 9704) *head lighting technician: Stephen Thompson

Absolute Power (Absolute Power, 1996-USA; R: Clint Eastwood, B: William Goldman, K: Jack N. Green, M: Lennie Niehaus, D: Clint Eastwood: Luther Whitney * Gene Hackman: Alan Richmond * Ed Harris: Seth Frank, Laura Linney: Kate Whitney, Judy Davis: Gloria Russell, Scott Glenn: Bill Burton, Dennis Haysbert: Tim Collin, E.G. Marshall) 121m-Politthriller (Roman von David Baldacci, 1996) (06-08; 9702)

Speed 2: Cruise Control (Speed 2, 1996/97-USA; R: Jan de Bont, B: Randall McCormick, Jeff Nathanson, K: Jack N. Green, M: Mark Mancina, D: Sandra Bullock: Annie Porter * Jason Patric: Alex Shaw * Willem Dafoe: John Geiger, Temuera Morrison: Juliano, Glenn Plummer: Maurice) 126m-Actionthriller (10-01; 9706)

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997-USA * Clint Eastwood) (Buch von John Berendt) (05-07; 9711)

True Crime (1998-USA * Clint Eastwood) (Roman von Andrew Klavan) (05-06; 9903)

Girl, Interrupted (Durchgeknallt, 1999-USA; R: James Mangold, B: James Mangold, Lisa Loomer, Anna Hamilton Phelan, K: Jack N. Green, M: Mychael Danna, D: Winona Ryder: Susanna Kaysen, Angelina Jolie: Lisa, Clea DuVall: Georgina, Brittany Murphy: Daisy, Elisabeth Moss: Polly, Jared Leto: Tobias Jacobs, Jeffrey Tambor: Dr. Potts & Vanessa Redgrave: Sonia Wick [Dr. Dyke] & Whoopi Goldberg: Schwester Valerie) 127m-Psychodrama (Buch von Susanna Kaysen, 1993) (01-04; 9912)

Space Cowboys (1999-USA * Clint Eastwood) (07-10; 0008)

A Man Apart (Extreme Rage, 2000/01-USA; R: F. Gary Gray, B: Christian Gudegast, Paul Scheuring, K: Jack N. Green, M: Anne Dudley, D: Vin Diesel: Sean Vetter, Larenz Tate: Demetrius Hicks, Timothy Olyphant: Hollywood Jack, Geno Silva: Memo Lucero, Steve Eastin: Ty Frost) 109m-Action (12-03; 0304)

Against the Ropes (Die Promoterin, 2002-USA; R: Charles S. Dutton, B: Cheryl Edwards, K: Jack N. Green, M: Michael Kamen, D: Meg Ryan: Jackie Kallen, Omar Epps: Luther Shaw, Tony Shalhoub: Sam LaRocca, Tim Daly: Gavin Reese, Kerry Washington: Renee, Joe Cortese: Irving Abel & Charles S. Dutton: Felix Reynolds) 111m-Drama (03-05; 0402)

Secondhand Lions (Löwen aus zweiter Hand, 2002-USA; R+B: Tim McCanlies, K: Jack N. Green, M: Patrick Doyle, D: Michael Caine: Garth ° Robert Duvall: Hub ° Haley Joel Osment: Walter, Nicky Katt: Stan & Kyra Sedgwick: Mae) 107m-Tragikomödie (09-12/+05; 0309)

50 First Dates (50 erste Dates, 2003-USA; R: Peter Segal, B: George Wing, K: Jack N. Green, M: Teddy Castellucci, D: Adam Sandler: Henry Roth * Drew Barrymore: Lucy Whitmore, Rob Schneider: Ula, Sean Astin: Doug Whitmore & Dan Aykroyd: Dr. Keats) 96m-Liebeskomödie (03-06; 0402)

Serenity (Serenity - Flucht in neue Welten, 2004-USA; R+B: Joss Whedon, K: Jack N. Green, M: David Newman, D: Nathan Fillion: Captain Mal/colm Reynolds, Alan Tudyk: Wash, Adam Baldwin: Jayne, Summer Glau: River Tam & Chiwetel Ejiofor: The Operative) 119m-Sci-Fi-Action (TV-Serie Firefly von Joss Whedon, 2002-03) (06-09; 0509)

The 40 Year Old Virgin (Jungfrau (40), männlich, sucht..., 2005-USA; R: Judd Apatow, B: Judd Apatow, Steve Carell, K: Jack N. Green, M: Lyle Workman, D: Steve Carell: Andy Stitzer, Catherine Keener: Trish, Paul Rudd: David) 116m-Komödie (01-04; 0508)

Are We Done Yet? (Sind wir endlich fertig?, 2006-USA; R: Steve Carr, B: Hank Nelken, K: Jack N. Green, M: Teddy Castellucci, D: Ice Cube: Nick Persons, Nia Long: Suzanne Persons, John C. McGinley: Chuck Mitchell, Jr., Aleisha Allen: Lindsey Persons, Philip Daniel Bolden: Kevin Persons) 92m-Komödie (08-?; 0704)

My Best Friend's Girl (Männer sind Schweine, 2007-USA; R: Howard Deutch, B: Jordan Cahan, K: Jack N. Green, M: John Debney, D: Dane Cook: Sherman [Tank] Turner * Kate Hudson: Alexis * Jason Biggs: Dustin * Lizzy Caplan: Ami & Alec Baldwin: Professor Turner) 101m-Komödie (08-11; 0809)

Hot Tub Time Machine (2009-USA * Steve Pink) (04-05; 1003)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Gregs Tagebuch - Von Idioten umzingelt!, 2009-USA; R: Thor Freudenthal, B: Jackie Filgo, Jeff Filgo, Gabe Sachs, Jeff Judah, K: Jack N. Green, M: Theodore Shapiro, D: Zachary Gordon: Greg Heffley, Robert Capron: Rowley Jefferson, Rachael Harris: Susan Heffley & Steve Zahn: Frank Heffley) 92m-Komödie (Buch von Jeff Kinney, 2007) (08-10; 1003)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (Gregs Tagebuch 2: Gibt's Probleme?, 2010-USA; R: David Bowers, B: Gabe Sachs, Jeff Judah, K: Jack N. Green, M: Edward Shearmur, D: Zachary Gordon: Greg Heffley, Devon Bostick: Rodrick Heffley, Rachael Harris: Susan Heffley, Robert Capron: Rowley Jefferson & Steve Zahn: Frank Heffley) 99m-Familienkomödie (Buch von Jeff Kinney, 2008) (08-10; 1103)

The Letters (2012-USA; R+B: William Riead, K: Jack N. Green, M: Ciaran Hope, D: Juliet Stevenson: Mutter Teresa * Max von Sydow: Pater Celeste van Exem & Rutger Hauer: Benjamin Praagh) 118m-Biopicdrama (03-05; 1512)

Left Behind (Left Behind, 2013-USA; R: Vic Armstrong, B: Paul LaLonde, John Patus, K: Jack N. Green, M: Jack Lenz, D: Nicolas Cage: Rayford Steele, Chad Michael Murray: Buck Williams, Cassi Thomson: Chloe Steele, Nicky Whelan: Hattie Durham, Jordin Sparks: Shasta Carvell, Lea Thompson: Irene Steele) 110m-Thriller (Story=Roman-Reihe von Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins) (08-10; 1410)


Lifetime Achievement Award [American Society of Cinematographers, 2009]

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