Alan PARKER (Sir, 2002)

* 14.02.1944, Islington / (Greater) London, England, GB † 31.07.2020, London, England, GB

Regisseur, Drehbuchautor, Produzent * 1962 verläßt die Schule und beginnt seine Karriere in der Werbung ("I ended up getting a job as a copywriter. The great thing about advertising from a British point of view, is that it didn't have a kind of class distinction as other jobs had. If you were half bright, they gave you a chance. I was very fortunate that they gave me that chance.") * 1969-78 Autor und Regisseur von über 500 TV-Werbespots - 1970 gründet mit Mike Marshall The Alan Parker Film Company * schreibt sein erstes Drehbuch (Melody / S.W.A.L.K. (1970; "I didn't know anything about writing scripts, but David Puttnam wanted to be a producer so he talked me into it.") * 1973 dreht zwei Kurzfilme (Our Cissy; Footsteps) * 1974 inszeniert den Fernsehfilm The Evacuees * 1975 Debüt als Kinoregisseur mit Bugsy Malone ("So to be absolutely honest, Bugsy Malone was a pragmatic exercise to break into American film.") - nach dessen Drehbuch verfasst auch einen Roman * 1979 dreht seine erste amerikanische Produktion (Fame) und arbeitet in Folgezeit hauptsächlich für amerikanische Produzenten * 1984 realisiert den provokativen Dokumentarfilm A Turnip Head's Guide to the British Cinema und bleibt jahrelang (harscher) Kritiker der britischen Filmkultur und -politik ["a persistent critic of the British film establishment" BFI Screenonline] * 1983 Gründungsmitglied der Directors Guild of Great Britain * (Vorstands)vorsitzender des British Film Institute (1998-?) und des UK Film Council (1999-2004) * 2004 Juryvorsitzender beim Filmfestival [in] Moskau * seit 2013 Präsident der Federation of European Film Directors / Fédération Européenne des Réalisateurs de l’Audiovisuel [FERA] * hält Vorlesungen an verschiedenen Filmschulen * veröffentlicht drei Cartoon-Bücher (Hares in the Gate, 1982; Making Movies, 1998; Will Write and Direct for Food, 2005 > a compendium of twenty years of his cartoons on filmmaking and the film industry) und zwei weitere Romane (Puddles in the Lane, 1977; The Sucker's Kiss, 2003)

"I really try to do different work. I think that by doing different work each time, it keeps you creatively fresher."

"My mentor was the great director, Fred Zinnemann, whom I used to show all my films to until he died."

"Every time I've been to Cannes, I've made up my mind never to return. Every time my vanity wins over."


Bugsy Malone (Bugsy Malone, 1975-GB; R+B: Alan Parker, K: Michael Seresin, Peter Biziou, M: Paul Williams, D: Scott Baio: Bugsy Malone, Florrie Dugger: Blousey Brown, Jodie Foster: Tallulah, John Cassisi: Fat Sam) 93m-Gangsterfilmparodie (08-70 Tage; 7606)

Midnight Express (Midnight Express - 12 Uhr nachts, 1977-GB; R: Alan Parker, B: Oliver Stone, K: Michael Seresin, M: Giorgio Moroder, D: Brad Davis: Billy Hayes, Randy Quaid: Jimmy Booth, John Hurt: Max) 121m-Gefängnisdrama (Buch von Billy Hayes & William Hoffer, 1977) (09-53 Tage; 7809-F)

Fame (Fame - Der Weg zum Ruhm, 1979-USA; R: Alan Parker, B: Christopher Gore, K: Michael Seresin, M: Michael Gore, D: Eddie Barth: Angelo, Irene Cara: Coco, Lee Curreri: Bruno, Laura Dean: Lisa, Antonia Franceschi: Hilary, Boyd Gaines: Michael, Albert Hague: Shorofsky, Tresa Hughes: Mrs. Finsecker, Steve Inwood: François Lafete, Paul McCrane: Montgomery, Anne Meara: Mrs. Sherwood, Joanna Merlin: Miss Berg, Barry Miller: Ralph, Jim Moody: Farrell, Gene Anthony Ray: Leroy, Maureen Teefy: Doris) 134m-Musikfilm (07-91 Drehtage; 8005)

Shoot the Moon (Du oder beide, 1981-USA; R: Alan Parker, B: Bo Goldman, K: Michael Seresin, D: Albert Finney: George Dunlap * Diane Keaton: Faith Dunlap) 124m-Ehedrama (01-04; 8202)

Pink Floyd The Wall (The Wall * Pink Floyd - The Wall, 1981-GB; R: Alan Parker, B: Roger Waters, K: Peter Biziou, M: Roger Waters, D: Bob Geldof: Pink) 95m-Musikdrama (09-12; 8207)

Birdy (Birdy, 1984-USA) (Roman von William Wharton) (8412)

Angel Heart (Angel Heart, 1986-USA) (Roman von William Hjortsberg) (8703)

Mississippi Burning (Mississippi Burning - Die Wurzel des Hasses, 1988-USA) (8812)

Come See the Paradise (Komm und sieh das Paradies, 1989-USA) (9012)

The Commitments (Die Commitments, 1990-GB/USA; R: Alan Parker, B: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais, Roddy Doyle, K: Gale Tattersall, MS: G. Mark Roswell, D: Robert Arkins: Jimmy Rabbitte, Michael Aherne: Steven Clifford, Angeline Ball: Imelda Quirke, Maria Doyle: Natalie Murphy, Dave Finnegan: Mickah Wallace, Bronagh Gallagher: Bernie McGloughlin, Félim Gormley: Dean Fay, Glen Hansard: Outspan Foster, Dick Massey: Billy Mooney, Johnny Murphy: Joey "The Lips" Fagan, Kenneth McCluskey: Derek Scully, Andrew Strong: Declan "Deco" Cuffe) 118m-Tragikomödie (Roman von Roddy Doyle, 1987) (08-11; 9108)

The Road to Wellville (Willkommen in Wellville, 1993/94-USA) (Roman von T. Coraghessan Boyle) (9410)

Evita (Evita, 1996-USA/GB) (9612)

Angela's Ashes (Die Asche meiner Mutter, 1998-USA/GB) (Buch von Frank McCourt) (9912)

The Life of David Gale (Das Leben des David Gale, 2001-USA/GB) (0302)


BAFTA Award (bestes Drehbuch) für Bugsy Malone (1977)

BAFTA Award (beste Regie) für Midnight Express (1979)

National Board of Review Award (beste Regie) für Mississippi Burning (1988)

Regiepreis für The Commitments [Filmfestival Tokio 1991]

BAFTA Award (beste Regie) für The Commitments (1992)

London Critics Circle Film Award (britischer Regisseur des Jahres) für The Commitments (1992)

CineMerit Award [Filmfest München 2004]

Academy Fellowship [BAFTA Awards 2013]


David F. Gonthier, Jr., Timothy M. O'Brien: The Films of Alan Parker, 1976-2003. Jefferson: McFarland, 2015

The offbeat musicals Fame (1980), Pink Floyd — The Wall (1982), The Commitments (1991) and Evita (1996)... The stylized biopics Midnight Express (1978), Mississippi Burning (1988), The Road to Wellville (1994) and Angela’s Ashes (1999)... The visceral social dramas Shoot the Moon (1982), Birdy (1984), Come See the Paradise (1990) and The Life of David Gale (2003)... The one-of-kind genre films Bugsy Malone (1979) and Angel Heart (1987)... These are the films of British director, writer, producer and cartoonist Sir Alan Parker. Among many awards and a knighthood, Parker is the founding director of the Director’s Guild of Great Britain, and in 2013 won the honorary British Academy of Film and Television Arts Fellowship Award. Parker is known for his humility as a director and has never considered himself an auteur: “I have total admiration for film crews. They are the true heroes of the filmmaking process, not directors.” He has worked alongside producer Alan Marshall, cinematographer Michael Seresin and the late film editor, Gerry Hambling. This book is the first study of his complete body of feature films (1976–2003). > 324pp. * softcover * 31 photos & illustrations, notes, bibliography, index

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