Richard H. KLINE

* 15.11.1926, Los Angeles, California, USA † 07.08.2018, Los Angeles, California, USA

Chefkameramann (ASC) * Sohn des Kameramanns Benjamin H. Kline (1894-1974) * dank seines Vaters bekommt nach der High School (1943) einen Job als (Kamera)assistent in der Kameraabteilung von Columbia Pictures ("I graduated from high school in 1943. The war was still going on, and I knew that I would be drafted into the military service within a year. Many of the film industry's personnel were away and my father urged me to fill an available opening as an assistant cameraman at Columbia Pictures, so that I could possibly qualify for a camera unit when I entered the service. I went to work at Columbia in August 1943. My first picture was 'Cover Girl'. I was a slate boy. I was on 'Cover Girl' for about four months. We filmed on stages 8 and 9 at Columbia, which were next to the camera department. I would go there in-between takes and learn about cameras. After that film, I became a first assistant with cinematographer George Meehan until I went into the Navy in October 1944.") * 1944-46 dient in der US Navy * (nach der Entlassung) kehrt zu Columbia Pictures zurück und arbeitet dort (bis 1948) als assistant cameraman ("/.../ I was discharged in August 1946. I was all set to start college at UCLA when I got a call from Columbia Pictures. You were supposed to have your old job guaranteed for a year after you got out of the service. They asked me to come back to the studio as an assistant cameraman. They had a picture in Acapulco where they needed somebody right away. /.../ I left for Acapulco to work on 'The Lady from Shanghai'. I kept working as an assistant in 1947 and 1948.") * (nach Problemen mit der Gewerkschaft) geht 1948 nach Paris und studiert dort Fine Arts & Art History ("During the late 1940s, the union cracked down and wouldn't let me work. /.../ I decided to take advantage of the G.I. Bill of Rights and go to college. I left for France within a few days and spent the next three years studying fine arts and art appreciation at the Sorbonne in France.") * nach seiner Rückkehr nach Hollywood (1951) bekommt zunächst seinen alten Job, nach etwa einem Jahr steigt zum camera operator auf und arbeitet (bis 1963) in beiden Funktionen (camera assistant / operator) für bekannte cinematographers von Columbia Pictures ("I worked as an assistant cameraman for about a year at Columbia and then became an operator. I worked with Burnett Guffey, Henry Freulich, Charles Lawton Jr., Ray June and did quite a few films with 'Jimmy' Wong Howe, and all the other cinematographers who were under contract at Columbia Pictures. I also worked with Harry Stradling Sr., Lionel 'Curley' Lindon and Phil Lathrop. My last picture as an operator was with Lathrop on 'The Pink Panther'") * 1963-66 fungiert als director of photography bei mehreren Fernsehserien (Mr. Novak; Honey West | "A producer there [MGM], William Froug, had a pilot for a TV show called Mr. Novak. He screened it for me and I thought it was quite good. We talked, and he asked if I’d like to photograph the show. I laughed and explained that I’d just gone through a bad experience, but he said, 'All you have to do is say yes and the job is yours.' I started prepping the next day.") - auch sein erster Kinofilm (Chamber of Horrors) war ursprünglich eine Fernsehproduktion [unsold TV pilot] ("It didn’t sell, so we did a few weeks of additional shooting, and it was released by Warners as Chamber of Horrors. It wasn't the most auspicious debut." * eigentliches, oscarnominiertes Kinodebüt mit Camelot - in den nächsten 30 Jahren dreht fast ausschließlich Kinoproduktionen [zitiert nach und American Cinematographer] | Bild(quelle): American Cinematographer


Chamber of Horrors (Die Schreckenskammer, 1966-USA; R: Hy Averback, B: Stephen Kandel, K: Richard H. Kline, M: William Lava, D: Cesare Danova: Anthony Draco, Wilfrid Hyde-White: Harold Blount, Laura Devon: Marie Champlain, Patrice Wymore: Vivian, Suzy Parker: Barbara Dixon & Patrick O'Neal: Jason Cravette) 99m-Horror (6608)

Camelot (Camelot - Am Hofe König Arthurs, 1966-67-USA; R: Joshua Logan, B: Alan Jay Lerner, K: Richard H. Kline, MS: Alfred Newman, D: Richard Harris: König Artus ° Vanessa Redgrave: Guinevere ° Franco Nero: Lancelot ° David Hemmings: Mordred ° Lionel Jeffries: König Pellinore, Laurence Naismith) 181m-Musical (vierteiliger Roman von T.H. White, 1938-58) (08-10 & 12-04; 6710)

Hang 'em High (1967-USA * Ted Post) (06-08; 6808)

The Boston Strangler (Der Frauenmörder von Boston, 1968-USA; R: Richard Fleischer, B: Edward Anhalt, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Lionel Newman, D: Tony Curtis: Alberto de Salvo * Henry Fonda: John S. Bottomley * George Kennedy: Phil DiNatale, Mike Kellin: Julian Soshnick, Murray Hamilton: Frank McAfee) 116m-Thriller (Buch von Gerold Frank, 1966) (01-03; 6810)

Gaily, Gaily (1968-USA * Norman Jewison) (Buch von Ben Hecht) (06-07; 6912)

Dream of Kings (Matsoukas, der Grieche, 1968/69-USA; R: Daniel Mann, B: Harry Mark Petrakis, Ian Hunter, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Alex North, D: Anthony Quinn: Matsoukas, Irene Papas: Caliope, Inger Stevens: Anna) 107m-Drama (Roman von Harry Mark Petrakis, 1966) (12-02; 6912)

The Moonshine War (Whisky brutal, 1969-USA * Richard Quine) (Roman von Elmore Leonard) (08-11; 7007)

The Andromeda Strain (1970-USA * Robert Wise) (Roman von Michael Crichton) (04-06; 7103)

Kotch (Opa kann's nicht lassen, 1971-USA; R: Jack Lemmon, B: John Paxton, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Marvin Hamlisch, D: Walter Matthau: Joseph P. Kotcher, Deborah Winters: Erica Herzenstiel, Felicia Farr: Wilma Kotcher, Charles Aidman: Gerald Kotcher) 114m-Tragikomödie (Roman von Katharine Topkins, 1965) (01-03; 7109, NY)

Hammersmith Is Out (Hammersmith Is Out, 1971-USA; R: Peter Ustinov, B: Stanford Whitmore, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Dominic Frontiere, D: Elizabeth Taylor: Jimmie Jean Jackson * Richard Burton: Hammersmith * Peter Ustinov: Doktor * Beau Bridges: Billy Breedlove) 108/15m-Thriller (05-07; 7205, LA)

When the Legends Die (Die Legende vom Killer Tom, 1971-USA; R: Stuart Millar, B: Robert Dozier, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Glenn Paxton, D: Richard Widmark: Red Dillon, Frederic Forrest: Tom Black Bull) 106m-Drama (Roman von Hal Borland, 1963) (09-11; 7208)

The Mechanic (1971/72-USA * Michael Winner) (12-01; 7211) > K (europäische Sequenzen): Robert Paynter

The Harrad Experiment (1972-USA; R: Ted Post, B: Michael Werner, Ted Cassidy, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Artie Butler, D: James Whitmore: Philip Tenhausen * Tippi Hedren: Margaret Tenhausen, Don Johnson: Stanley Cole, Bruno Kirby: Harry Schacht, Laurie Walters: Sheila Grove, Victoria Thompson: Beth Hillyer, Elliott Street: Wilson) 95/8m-Drama (Roman von Robert H. Rimmer, 1966) (02-03; 7305)

Black Gunn (Visum für die Hölle, 1972-USA; R: Robert Hartford-Davis, B: Franklin Coen, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Tony Osborne, D: Jim Brown: Gunn * Martin Landau: Capelli, Brenda Sykes: Judith, Luciana Paluzzi: Toni, Vida Blue: Sam Green) 96m-Krimi (Originaldrehbuch von Robert Shearer) (05-07; 7212, NY)

Soylent Green (1972-USA * Richard Fleischer) (Roman von Harry Harrison) (09-11; 7304)

Battle for the Planet of the Apes (Die Schlacht um den Planet der Affen, 1973-USA; R: J. Lee Thompson, B: John William Corrington, Joyce Hooper Corrington, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Leonard Rosenman, D: Roddy McDowall: Caesar, Claude Akins: Aldo, Natalie Trundy: Lisa, Severn Darden: Kolp, Lew Ayres: Mandemus, Paul Williams: Virgil & John Huston: the Lawgiver) 86/93m-Science-Fiction (Charaktere von Pierre Boulle) (01-02; 7306)

The Don Is Dead (Der Don ist tot, 1973-USA; R: Richard Fleischer, B: Marvin H. Albert; Christopher Trumbo, Michael Philip Butler, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Jerry Goldsmith, D: Anthony Quinn: Angelo de Morra, Frederic Forrest: Tony, Robert Forster: Frank, Al Lettieri: Vince, Angel Tompkins: Ruby, Charles Cioffi: Orlando) 115m-Mafiaaction (Roman von Marvin H. Albert, 1972) (02-04; 7311)

The Terminal Man (Der Killer im Kopf, 1973-USA; R+B: Mike Hodges, K: Richard H. Kline, D: George Segal: Harry Benson, Joan Hackett: Dr. Janet Ross, Richard A. Dysart: Dr. John Ellis, Norman Burton: Det. Capt. Anders, Jill Clayburgh: Angela Black) 104/7m-Sci-Fi-Thriller (Roman von Michael Crichton, 1972) (06-09; 7406)

Mr. Majestyk (1973-USA * Richard Fleischer) (09-11; 7407)

Harrad Summer (1974-USA; R: Steven Hilliard Stern, B: Mort Thaw, Steven Zacharias, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Pat[rick] Williams, D: Richard Doran: Harry Schacht * Victoria Thompson: Beth Hillyer * Laurie Walters: Sheila Grove * Robert Reiser: Stanley Kolasukas * Bill Dana: Jack Schacht, Marty Allen: Bert Franklin) 102/5m-Drama (Romanfiguren von Robert H. Rimmer) (03-05; 7408)

Mandingo (Mandingo, 1974-USA; R: Richard Fleischer, B: Norman Wexler, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Maurice Jarre, D: James Mason: Warren Maxwell ° Susan George: Blanche ° Perry King: Hammond, Richard Ward: Agamemnon, Brenda Sykes: Ellen & Ken Norton: Mede, Lillian Hayman: Lucrezia Borgia) 127m-Actiondrama (Roman von Kyle Onstott /1957/ + Bühnenstück von Jack Kirkland /1961/) (07-?; 7505)

I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now? (1975-USA; R: Steven Hilliard Stern, B: Mickey Rose, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Pat[rick] Williams, D: Bob Dishy: Jordan Oliver ° Joanna Barnes: Clarice ° Bill Dana: Bobo) 87m-Schwarze Komödie (07-?; 7512 > limited release) > Videotitel: Kill My Wife... Please!

Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (Won Ton Ton... der Hund, der Hollywood rettete, 1975-USA; R: Michael Winner, B: Arnold Schulman, Cy Howard, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Neal Hefti, D: Bruce Dern: Grayson Potchuck * Madeline Kahn: Estie Del Ruth * Art Carney: J.J. Fromberg * Phil Silvers: Murray Fromberg * Teri Garr: Fluffy Peters & Ron Leibman: Rudy Montague) 92m-Komödie (08-11; 7605)

King Kong (1976-USA * John Guillermin) (7612)

Who'll Stop the Rain (1977-USA * Karel Reisz) (Roman von Robert Stone) (7808)

The Fury (1977-USA * Brian De Palma) (Roman von John Farris) (7803)

Tilt (Ich kann's am besten, 1977-USA; R: Rudy Durand, B: Rudy Durand, Donald Cammell, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Lee Holdridge, D: Brooke Shields: Brenda Louise Davenport [Tilt] ° Ken Marshall: Neil Gallagher & Charles Durning: Harold "The Whale" Remmens) 111m-Tragikomödie (11-?; 7904)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1978/79-USA * Robert Wise) (08-01; 7912)

Tristan and Isolde / Summer of the Falcon (1979-IRL; R: Tom Donovan, B: Claire Labine, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Paddy Moloney, D: Richard Burton: Mark von Cornwall, Kate Mulgrew: Isolt, Nicholas Clay: Tristan, Cyril Cusack: Gormond von Irland, Geraldine Fitzgerald: Bronwyn) 91m-Historiendrama (04-06; 8112-USA) [AT: Lovespell]

Touched by Love (1979-USA; R: Gus Trikonis, B: Hesper Anderson, K: Richard H. Kline, M: John Barry, D: Deborah Raffin: Lena Canada * Diane Lane: Karen) 93m-Drama (Buch To Elvis with Love von Lena Canada, 1978) (10-?; 8010)

The Competition (Das große Finale, 1980-USA; R+B: Joel Oliansky, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Lalo Schifrin, D: Richard Dreyfuss: Paul Dietrich * Amy Irving: Heidi Schoonover * Lee Remick: Greta Vandemann) 129m-Melodram (02-?; 8012)

Body Heat (1980/81-USA * Lawrence Kasdan) (11-02; 8108)

Death Wish II (Der Mann ohne Gnade, 1981-USA; R: Michael Winner, B: David Engelbach, K: Richard H. Kline, Tom/Thomas Del Ruth, M: Jimmy Page, D: Charles Bronson: Paul Kersey, Jill Ireland: Geri Nichols, Vincent Gardenia: Frank Ochoa, J.D. Cannon: Bezirksstaatsanwalt von New York & Anthony Franciosa: Commissioner von LA) 88m-Action (05-07; 8202)

Man, Woman and Child (Herzen in Aufruhr, 1982-USA; R: Dick Richards, B: Erich Segal, David Zelag Goodman, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Georges Delerue, D: Martin Sheen: Bob Beckwith * Blythe Danner: Sheila Beckwith, Craig T. Nelson: Bernie Ackerman & David Hemmings: Gavin Wilson) 100m-Melodram (Roman von Erich Segal, 1980) (05-07; 8304)

Breathless (1982-USA * Jim McBride) (08-09; 8305)

Deal of the Century (Das Bombengeschäft, 1982/83-USA; R: William Friedkin, B: Paul Brickman, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Arthur B. Rubinstein, D: Chevy Chase: Eddie Muntz * Sigourney Weaver: Catherine DeVoto * Gregory Hines: Ray Kasternak) 99m-Satire (11-03; 8311)

Hard to Hold (Hard to Hold - Keine Zeit für Zweisamkeit, 1983-USA; R: Larry Peerce, B: Tom/Thomas Hedley, Jr., K: Richard H. Kline, M: Tom Scott, D: Rick Springfield: James Roberts, Janet Eilber: Diana Lawson, Patti Hansen: Nicky Nides) 93m-Liebesgeschichte (03-?; 8404)

All of Me (Solo für 2, 1983-USA; R: Carl Reiner, B: Phil Alden Robinson; Henry Olek, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Patrick Williams, D: Steve Martin: Roger Cobb * Lily Tomlin: Edwina Cutwater, Richard Libertini: Prahka Lasa & Victoria Tennant: Terry Hoskins) 93m-Fantasykomödie (Roman Me Too von Ed Davis, unpublished) (08-?; 8409)

Touch and Go (Gangster Kid, 1984-USA; R: Robert Mandel, B: Alan Ormsby, Bob Sand, Harry Colomby, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Sylvester Levay, D: Michael Keaton: Bobby Barbato, Maria Conchita Alonso: Denise DeLeon, Ajay Naidu: Louis DeLeon) 101m-Tragikomödie (05-?; 8608)

The Man with One Red Shoe (Der Verrückte mit dem Geigenkasten, 1984-USA; R: Stan Dragoti, B: Robert Klane, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Thomas Newman, D: Tom Hanks: Richard Drew * Dabney Coleman: Cooper * Lori Singer: Maddy * Charles Durning: Ross) 93m-Komödie (08-?; 8507)

Howard the Duck (Howard - Ein tierischer Held, 1985/86-USA; R: Willard Huyck, B: Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz, K: Richard H. Kline, M: John Barry, D: Lea Thompson: Beverly Switzler ° Jeffrey Jones: Dr. Jenning ° Tim Robbins: Phil Blumburtt) 111m-Sci-Fi-Komödie (11-03; 8608)

My Stepmother Is an Alien (Meine Stiefmutter ist ein Alien, 1988-USA; R: Richard Benjamin, B: Jerico, Herschel Weingrod, Timothy Harris, Jonathan Reynolds, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Alan Silvestri, D: Dan Aykroyd: Steve Mills * Kim Basinger: Celeste Martin, Jon Lovitz: Ron Mills) 108m-Fantasykomödie (02-05; 8812)

Downtown (Downtown, 1989-USA; R: Richard Benjamin, B: Nat Mauldin, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Alan Silvestri, D: Anthony Edwards: Alex Kearney, Forest Whitaker: Dennis Curren, Penelope Ann Miller: Lori Mitchell, Joe Pantoliano: White) 96m-Actionkomödie (04-07; 9001)

Double Impact (Geballte Ladung - Double Impact, 1990-USA; R: Sheldon Lettich, B: Sheldon Lettich, Jean-Claude Van Damme, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Arthur Kempel, D: Jean-Claude Van Damme: Alex/Chad, Geoffrey Lewis: Frank Avery, Alan Scarfe: Nigel Griffith) 105m-Action (11-12; 9108)

Meet Wally Sparks (Wally Sparks - König des schlechten Geschmacks, 1995-USA; R: Peter Baldwin, B: Rodney Dangerfield, Harry Basil, K: Richard H. Kline, M: Michel Colombier, D: Rodney Dangerfield: Wally Sparks, Debi Mazar: Sandy Gallo, Cindy Williams: Emily Preston, Alan Rachins: Judge Randel Williams & Burt Reynolds: Lenny Spencer & David Ogden Stiers: Governor Floyd Preston) 105m-Komödie (07-09; 9701)


Lifetime Achievement Award (Preis für sein Lebenswerk) [American Society of Cinematographers, 2006]

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