Alan HUME | George Alan Hume

* 16.10.1924, London, England, GB † 13.07.2010, Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire, England, GB

Chefkameramann [cinematographer, BSC] * ab 1942 arbeitet in der Kameraabteilung der Denham Studios als clapper-loader und /ab 1943/ als focus puller ("Focus pulling is quite tricky because you've got to know about lenses and depth-of-field and fortunately I made good.") * 1944-46 Kriegs- bzw. Wehrdienst [National Service] bei der Royal Navy ("I was in the photographic unit. I learned more about photography in the navy than anywhere else.") - anschließend arbeitet in den Ealing Studios und (nach sechs Monaten) wieder in den Denham und Pinewood Studios als focus puller und (1952-60) camera operator (u.a. für Wilkie Cooper, Otto Heller und Ted Scaife) * 1960 Debüt als Chefkameramann ("The regular DP [director of photography] had been offered a big location film and Peter [Rogers] and Gerald [Thomas] asked if I felt competent enough to take over. Of course I said 'yes'.") - zugleich erste Zusammenarbeit (in dieser Funktion) mit dem Regisseur Gerald Thomas * 1969-71 Präsident der British Society of Cinematographers * 1980-85 filmt drei James-Bond-Abenteuer des Regisseurs John Glen * 1992 beendet seine Kinokarriere mit dem letzten Film aus der Carry On-Reihe Carry On Columbus (unter der Regie von Gerald Thomas) * bis zu seinem endgültigen Rückzug aus dem aktiven Filmgeschäft in 1998 dreht noch ein paar Fernsehserien und -filme * 2004 veröffentlicht seine Autobiografie Memoirs of a Film Cameraman: A Life Through the Lens

“It's a wonderful business as you get to travel, if you're lucky, and it's well paid, although there can be long periods without work. If you're good at what you do you'll get the breaks but you've got to give back in effort and ability."
"I have known Alan Hume almost as long as I know myself. I've known him as a giggling camera operator and as one of the film industry's foremost lighting cameramen. I say giggling operator because when we were working on the early Carry On films, he giggled so much … that he had to leave the stage to recover. I've also known him as a non-giggling operator as, for instance, when he was shooting a scene … hanging out of a doorless helicopter and holding a handheld camera. [pre-credit sequence of The Spy Who Loved Me /1976/77/]" Produzent Peter Rogers


No Kidding (1960-GB; d: Gerald Thomas, B: Norman Hudis, Robin Estridge, K: Alan Hume, M: Bruce Montgomery, D: Leslie Phillips: David Robinson * Geraldine McEwan: Catherine Robinson * Julia Lockwood: Fenella/"Vanilla" * Noel Purcell: Tandy) 87m-Komödie (Buch/Roman Beware of Children von Verily Anderson, 1958) (6012)

Carry On Regardless (Nicht so toll, Süßer, 1960/61-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Norman Hudis, K: Alan Hume, M: Bruce Montgomery, D: Sidney James: Bert Handy, Kenneth Connor: Sam Twist, Charles Hawtrey: Gabriel Dimple, Joan Sims: Lily Duveen, Kenneth Williams: Francis Courtenay, Bill Owen: Mike Weston, Liz Fraser: Delia King, Terence Longdon: Montgomery Infield-Hopping) 90/3m-Komödie (11-01; 6103)

Raising the Wind (Skandal in der Wigmore Hall, 1961-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Bruce Montgomery, K: Alan Hume, M: Bruce Montgomery, D: James Robertson Justice: Sir Benjamin, Leslie Phillips: Mervyn Hughes, Paul Massie: Malcolm Stuart, Kenneth Williams: Harold Chesney, Liz Fraser: Miranda Kenaway, Eric Barker: Morgan Rutherford, Jennifer Jayne: Jill Clements, Jimmy Thompson: Alex Spenlove & Sidney James: Sid) 91m-Komödie (6109)

In the Doghouse (Alles dreht sich um den Hund, 1961-GB; R: Darcy Conyers, B: Michael Pertwee, K: Alan Hume, M: Philip Green, D: Leslie Phillips: Jimmy Fox-Upton * Peggy Cummins: Sally Huxley * Hattie Jacques: inspector Josephine "Gudgeon" * James Booth: Bob Skeffington) 93m-Komödie (Roman It's a Vet's Life von Alex Duncan, 1961) (6112)

Twice round the Daffodils (1961/62-GB; d: Gerald Thomas, B: Norman Hudis, K: Alan Hume, M: Bruce Montgomery, D: Juliet Mills: Catty ° Donald Sinden: Ian Richards ° Donald Houston: John Rhodes ° Kenneth Williams: Henry Halfpenny ° Ronald Lewis: Bob White) 89m-Komödie (Bühnenstück Ring for Catty von Patrick Cargill & Jack Beale, 1954) (6204)

Carry On Cruising (Ist ja irre - Der Schiffskoch ist seekrank, 1962-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Norman Hudis, K: Alan Hume, M: Bruce Montgomery, Douglas Gamley, D: Sidney James: Kapitän Wellington Crowther, Kenneth Williams: Erster Offizier Leonard Marjoribanks, Kenneth Connor: Dr. Arthur Binn, Liz Fraser: Gladys "Glad" Trimble, Dilys Laye: Florence "Flo" Castle, Esma Cannon: Bridget Madderley, Lance Percival: Wilfred Haines) 89m-Komödie (01-02; 6204)

The Iron Maiden (Die eiserne Jungfrau, 1962-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Vivian A. Cox, Leslie Bricusse, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Michael Craig: Jack Hopkins * Anne Helm: Kathy Fisher * Jeff Donnell: Miriam Fisher * Alan Hale, Jr.: Paul Fisher * Noel Purcell: Admiral Sir Digby Trevelyan & Cecil Parker: Sir Giles Thompson) 98m-Komödie (?-08; 6302)

The Kiss of the Vampire (Der Kuß des Vampirs, 1962-GB; R: Don Sharp, B: John Elder [=Anthony Hinds], K: Alan Hume, M: James Bernard, D: Clifford Evans: Professor Zimmer ° Noel Willman: Ravna ° Edward de Souza: Gerald Harcourt ° Jennifer Daniel: Marianne Harcourt ° Barry Warren: Carl Ravna) 88m-Horror (09-10; 6401)

Nurse on Wheels (1962/63-GB; d: Gerald Thomas, B: Norman Hudis, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Juliet Mills: Joanna Jones * Ronald Lewis: Henry Edwards * Noel Purcell: Abel Worthy * Joan Sims: Deborah Walcott * Esma Cannon: Mrs. Jones) 86m-Komödie (Roman Nurse Is a Neighbour von Joanna Jones, 1958) (6306)

Carry On Cabby (Ist ja irre - Diese müden Taxifahrer, 1963-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: Charlie Hawkins * Hattie Jacques: Peggy Hawkins * Kenneth Connor: Ted Watson * Charles Hawtrey: Terry "Pintpot" Tankard * Esma Cannon: Flo Sims * Liz Fraser: Sally) 91m-Komödie (03-05; 6306)

This Is My Street (1963-GB; d: Sidney Hayers, B: Bill MacIlwraith, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Ian Hendry: Harry King * June Ritchie: Margery Graham) 94m-Drama (Roman von Nan Maynard, 1962) (6401)

Carry On Jack (Ist ja irre - 'ne abgetakelte Fregatte, 1963-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Kenneth Williams: Kapitän Fearless ° Bernard Cribbins: Albert Poop-Decker ° Juliet Mills: Sally ° Charles Hawtrey: Walter Sweetly ° Donald Houston: Lt. Jonathan Howett ° Cecil Parker: First Sea Lord) 91m-Komödie (09-10; 6311)

Carry On Spying (Ist ja irre - Agenten auf dem Pulverfaß, 1964-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, Sid Colin, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Kenneth Williams: Desmond Simkins * Barbara Windsor: Daphne Honeybutt * Bernard Cribbins: Harold Crump * Charles Hawtrey: Charlie Bind * Eric Barker: The Chief * Dilys Laye: Lila) 87m-Komödie (02-03; 6408)

Dr Terror's House of Horrors (Die Todeskarten des Dr. Schreck, 1964-GB * Freddie Francis) (05-07; 6502)

Carry On Cleo (Cleo, Liebe und Antike * Ist ja irre - Cäsar liebt Cleopatra, 1964-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: Mark Anton * Kenneth Williams: Julius Caesar * Kenneth Connor: Hengist Pod * Charles Hawtrey: Seneca * Joan Sims: Calpurnia * Jim Dale: Horsa * Amanda Barrie: Cleopatra) 92m-Komödie (07; 6412)

Three Hats for Lisa (Drei Hüte für Lisa, 1964-GB; R: Sidney Hayers, B: Leslie Bricusse, Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, incidental music: Eric Rogers, D: Joe Brown: Johnny Howjego * Sophie Hardy: Lisa Milan * Sidney James: Sid Marks) 99m-Musikkomödie (6501-BBFC)

The Big Job (1965-GB; d: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: George Brain * Sylvia Syms: Myrtle Robbins * Dick Emery: Frederick "Booky" Binns * Joan Sims: Mildred Gamely * Lance Percival: Timothy "Dipper" Day * Jim Dale: Harold) 88m-Komödie (6510)

Carry On Cowboy (Rumpo Kid bittet zum Duell * Ist ja irre - Der dreiste Cowboy, 1965-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: Rumpo Kid * Kenneth Williams: Richter Burke * Jim Dale: Marshal P. Knutt * Charles Hawtrey: Big Heap * Joan Sims: Belle * Angela Douglas: Annie Oakley) 95m-Westernparodie (07-09; 6603)

Carry On Screaming! (Ist ja irre - Alarm im Gruselschloß, 1966-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Harry H. Corbett: Detective Sergeant Sidney Bung * Kenneth Williams: Dr. Orlando Watt * Jim Dale: Albert Potter * Charles Hawtrey: Dan Dann * Fenella Fielding: Virula Watt * Joan Sims: Emily Bung * Angela Douglas: Doris Mann) 97m-Horrorfilmparodie (01-02; 6608)

Finders Keepers (Hilfe, die Bombe ist weg!, 1966-GB; R: Sidney Hayers, B: Michael Pertwee, K: Alan Hume, ML: Norrie Paramor, D: Cliff Richard: Cliff * The Shadows [= Brian Bennett + Hank B. Marvin + John Rostill + Bruce Welch]: sie selbst * Robert Morley: Colonel Roberts * Peggy Mount: Mrs. Bragg) 94m-Musikkomödie (?-08; 6612)

Don't Lose Your Head (Ist ja irre - Nur nicht den Kopf verlieren, 1966-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: Sir Rodney Ffing * Kenneth Williams: Bürger Camembert * Jim Dale: Lord Darcy * Charles Hawtrey: Duc de Pommfrit * Joan Sims: Désirée Dubarry * Dany Robin: Jacqueline) 90m-Kostümkomödie (09-10; 6612)

Follow That Camel (Ist ja irre - In der Wüste fließt kein Wasser, 1967-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Phil Silvers: Sergeant Nocker * Kenneth Williams: Commandant Maximilian Burger * Jim Dale: Bertram Oliphant West * Charles Hawtrey: Captain Le Pice * Joan Sims: Zigzig * Angela Douglas: Lady Jane Ponsonby) 95m-Komödie (05-06; 6712)

Carry On Doctor (Das total verrückte Krankenhaus, 1967-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Frankie Howerd: Francis Bigger * Sidney James: Charlie Roper * Kenneth Williams: Dr. Tinkle * Charles Hawtrey: Mr. Barron * Jim Dale: Dr. Kilmore * Barbara Windsor: Sandra May * Hattie Jacques: matron * Joan Sims: Chloe Gibson * Anita Harris: nurse Clarke * Bernard Bresslaw: Ken Biddle) 94m-Komödie (09-10; 6712)

The Bofors Gun (Ereignisse beim Bewachen der Bofors-Kanone, 1968-GB; R: Jack Gold, B: John McGrath, K: Alan Hume, M: Carl Davis, D: Nicol Williamson: O'Rourke, Ian Holm: Flynn, Peter Vaughan: Sgt. Walker, John Thaw: Featherstone, Barry Jackson: Shone, Donald Gee: Crawley, Richard O'Callaghan: Rowe & David Warner: Evans) 106m-Drama (Bühnenstück Events While Guarding the Bofors Gun von John McGrath, 1966) (?-08; 6808)

The Violent Enemy (1968-GB; d: Don Sharp, B: Edmund Ward, K: Alan Hume, M: Patrick John Scott, D: Tom Bell: Sean Rogan * Susan Hampshire: Hannah Costello & Ed Begley: Colum O'More) 94m-Krimi (Roman A Candle for the Dead von Hugh Marlowe=Jack Higgins, 1966) (10-?; 6903-BBFC)

Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (Kapitän Nemo, 1969-GB * James Hill) (6912)

The Last Grenade (1969-GB; d: Gordon Flemyng, B: Kenneth Ware; James Mitchell, John Sherlock, K: Alan Hume, M: John Dankworth, D: Stanley Baker: Major Harry Grigsby * Alex Cord: Kip Thompson * Honor Blackman: Katherine Whiteley & Richard Attenborough: General Charles Whiteley) 93m-Kriegsdrama (Roman The Ordeal of Major Grigsby von John Sherlock, 1964) (?-06; 7003)

Mister Jerico (Dufter Typ mit flinken Fingern, 1969-GB; R: Sidney Hayers, B: Philip Levene, K: Alan Hume, M: Laurie Johnson, D: Patrick Macnee: Dudley Jerico * Connie Stevens: Susan Gray/Claudine/Georgina * Herbert Lom: Victor Russo * Marty Allen: Wally) 85m-Krimikomödie (07-?; 6911-BBFC + 7405-D) > TVM

The Firechasers (Jagd durchs Feuer, 1970-GB; R: Sidney Hayers, B: Philip Levene, K: Alan Hume, M: Laurie Johnson, D: Chad Everett: Quentin Barnaby * Anjanette Comer: Toby Collins) 101m-Krimi (7101)

Zeppelin (Zeppelin, 1970-GB; R: Etienne Périer, B: Arthur Rowe, Donald Churchill, K: Alan Hume, M: Roy Budd, D: Michael York: Geoffrey Richter-Douglas * Elke Sommer: Erika Altschul) 97m-Agententhriller (05-08; 7104)

Perfect Friday (Treffpunkt London Airport, 1970-GB; R: Peter Hall, B: Anthony Greville-Bell, J. Scott Forbes, K: Alan Hume, M: John Dankworth, D: Ursula Andress: Britt Dorset * Stanley Baker: Mr. Graham * David Warner: Lord Nicholas Dorset) 95m-Krimikomödie (?-09; 7012)

Carry on Henry (Heinrichs Bettgeschichten oder Wie der Knoblauch nach England kam, 1970-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: Heinrich VIII. * Kenneth Williams: Sir Thomas Cromwell * Charles Hawtrey: Sir Roger de Loggerley * Joan Sims: Marie von Normandie * Terry Scott: Kardinal Wolsey * Barbara Windsor: Bettina * Kenneth Connor: Lord Hampton of Wick) 89m-Komödie (10-11; 7102)

For the Love of Ada (1972-GB; d: Ronnie Baxter, B: Harry Driver, Vince Powell, K: Alan Hume, M: Frank Barber, D: Irene Handl: Ada Bingley ° Wilfred Pickles: Walter Bingley) 88m-Komödie (01-?; 7207-BBFC)

Carry On Abroad (Ein total verrückter Urlaub, 1972-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: Vic Flange * Kenneth Williams: Stuart Farquhar * Charles Hawtrey: Eustace Tuttle * Joan Sims: Cora Flange * Bernard Bresslaw: Brother Bernard * Barbara Windsor: Sadie Tomkins * Kenneth Connor: Stanley Blunt * Peter Butterworth: Pepe * Jimmy Logan: Bert Conway * June Whitfield: Evelyn Blunt * Hattie Jacques: Floella) 88m-Komödie (04-05; 7212)

Bless This House (Schütze dieses Haus, 1972-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Dave Freeman, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: Sid Abbot * Diana Coupland: Jean Abbot * Terry Scott: Ronald Baines * June Whitfield: Vera Baines * Peter Butterworth: Trevor Lewis) 89m-Komödie (7208-BBFC)

Father Dear Father (1972-GB; d: William G. Stewart, B: Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke, K: Alan Hume, M: Nachum Heiman, D: Patrick Cargill: Patrick Glover, Natasha Pyne: Anna, Ann Holloway: Karen, Noel Dyson: Nanny) 99m-Komödie (7305)

The Legend of Hell House (Tanz der Totenköpfe, 1972-GB; R: John Hough, B: Richard Matheson, K: Alan Hume, M: Brian Hodgson, Delia Derbyshire, D: Pamela Franklin: Florence Tanner ° Roddy McDowall: Ben Fischer ° Clive Revill: Dr. Chris Barrett & Gayle Hunnicutt: Ann Barrett) 94m-Horror (Roman von Richard Matheson, 1971) (10-12; 7306-BBFC/USA)

Carry On Girls (Mißwahl auf Englisch, 1973-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Talbot Rothwell, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Sidney James: Sidney Fiddler * Barbara Windsor: Hope Springs * Joan Sims: Connie Philpotts * Kenneth Connor: Frederick Bumble * Bernard Bresslaw: Peter Potter * Peter Butterworth: Admiral * June Whitfield: Augusta Prodworthy * Jack Douglas: William * Patsy Rowlands: Mildred Bumble & Jimmy Logan: Cecil Gaybody) 88m-Komödie (04-05; 7311)

From Beyond the Grave (Die Tür ins Jenseits, 1973-GB; R: Kevin Connor, B: Robin Clarke, Raymond Christodoulou, K: Alan Hume, M: Douglas Gamley, D: Peter Cushing: Besitzer des Antiquitätenladens | [1]-The Gate Crasher: David Warner: Edward Charlton | [2]-An Act of Kindness: Ian Bannen: Christopher Lowe, Diana Dors: Mabel Lowe, Donald Pleasence: Jim Underwood | [3]-The Elemental: Ian Carmichael: Reggie Warren, Margaret Leighton: Madame Orloff | [4]-The Door: Ian Ogilvy: William Seaton, Lesley-Anne Down: Rosemary Seaton) 98m-Episodenfilm (Kurzgeschichten von R. Chetwynd-Hayes) (06-?; 7402)

Sex Play (1973/74-GB; d: Jack Arnold, B: Peer J. Oppenheimer, Jameson Brewer, K: Alan Hume, M: John Cameron, D: Christina Hart: Bunny O'Hara) 90m-Komödie (7412)

The Land That Time Forgot (Caprona - Das vergessene Land, 1974-GB * Kevin Connor) (Roman von Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1918 | 1924, Buch) (02?04-?; 7410-BBFC | 7506, LA)

Confessions of a Pop Performer (1975-GB; d: Norman Cohen, B: Christopher Wood, K: Alan Hume, MS: Ed Welch, D: Anthony Booth: Sidney Noggett * Doris Hare: Mrs. Lea * Bill Maynard: Mr. Lea * Sheila White: Rosie & Robin Askwith: Timothy Lea) 91m-Sexkomödie (Roman Confessions from the Pop Scene von Timothy Lea=Christopher Wood, 1974) (7507)

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (Cleopatra Jones gegen die Drachenlady, 1975-USA/Hongkong; R: Chuck Bail, B: William Tennant, K: Alan Hume, M: Dominic Frontiere, D: Tamara Dobson: Cleopatra Jones * Stella Stevens: Drachenlady) 96m-Action (7507)

Trial by Combat (Selbstjustiz, 1975-GB; R: Kevin Connor, B: Julian Bond, Steven Rossen, Mitchell Smith, K: Alan Hume, M: Frank Cordell, D: John Mills: Bertie Cook * Donald Pleasence: Sir Giles Marley) 90m-Krimikomödie (7604)

At the Earth's Core (Der sechste Kontinent, 1976-GB * Kevin Connor) (Roman von Edgar Rice Burroughs) (01-03; 7608)

Checkered Flag or Crash / Crash (1976-USA; d: Alan Gibson, B: Michael Allin, K: Alan Hume, M: Norman Sachs & Mel Mandel, D: Joe Don Baker: Walkaway Madden * Susan Sarandon: C.C. Wainwright) 93m-Abenteuerkomödie (7801, LA)

Gulliver's Travels (Gullivers Reisen, 1976-GB/B; d: Peter R. Hunt, B: Don Black, K: Alan Hume, M: Michel Legrand, D: Richard Harris: Lemuel Gulliver, Catherine Schell: Mary Gulliver) 81m-Fantasy (Roman von Jonathan Swift, 1726) (7703-BBFC)

The Amsterdam Kill / He jing die xie (Der Tiger aus Taipeh, 1976-Hongkong; R: Robert Clouse, B: Robert Clouse, Gregory Teifer, K: Alan Hume, M: Hal Schaefer, D: Robert Mitchum: Quinlan, Richard Egan: Ridgeway, Leslie Nielsen: Riley Knight, Bradford Dillman: Howard Odums, Keye Luke: Chung Wei) 93m-Actiondrama (10-?; 7802)

The People That Time Forgot (Caprona 2. Teil, 1977-GB; R: Kevin Connor, B: Patrick Tilley, K: Alan Hume, M: John Scott, D: Patrick Wayne: Ben McBride, Sarah Douglas: Charly) 90m-Sci-Fi-Abenteuer (Buch von Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1918) (01-?; 7706, LA)

Wombling Free (1977-GB; d+B: Lionel Jeffries, K: Alan Hume, M: Mike Batt, D: David Tomlinson: Roland Frogmorton ° Frances de la Tour: Julia Frogmorton & Bonnie Langford: Kim Frogmorton) 96m-Familienkomödie (nach Büchern und Figuren von Elisabeth Beresford) (7712-BBFC)

Warlords of Atlantis (Tauchfahrt des Schreckens, 1977-GB; R: Kevin Connor, B: Brian Hayles, K: Alan Hume, M: Mike Vickers, D: Doug McClure: Greg Collinson, Peter Gilmore: Charles Aitken, Cyd Charisse: Atsil, Daniel Massey: Atraxon) 97m-Fantasyabenteuer (7804-BBFC | 7807-D)

The Legacy (Das Haus des Satans, 1978-USA; R: Richard Marquand, B: Jimmy Sangster, Patrick Tilley, Paul Wheeler, K: Dick Bush, Alan Hume, M: Michael J. Lewis, D: Katharine Ross: Maggie Walsh * Sam Elliott: Pete Danner) 100m-Horror (?-03; 7909)

Carry On Emmannuelle (Mach' weiter, Emmanuelle, 1978-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Lance Peters, K: Alan Hume, M: Eric Rogers, D: Kenneth Williams: Emile Prevert * Kenneth Connor: Leyland * Joan Sims: Mrs. Dangle * Jack Douglas: Lyons * Peter Butterworth: Richmond & Beryl Reid: Mrs. Valentine & Suzanne Danielle: Emmannuelle Prevert) 88m-Komödie (04-05; 7811)

Arabian Adventure (Im Bann des Kalifen, 1978-GB; R: Kevin Connor, B: Brian Hayles, K: Alan Hume, M: Ken Thorne, D: Christopher Lee: Alquazar * Milo O'Shea: Khasim * Oliver Tobias: Prinz Hasan al Boukir) 98m-Fantasyabenteuer (7905-BBFC)

Bear Island (Die Bäreninsel in der Hölle der Arktis, 1978/79-GB/CDN; R: Don Sharp, B: Don Sharp, David Butler, Murray Smith, K: Alan Hume, M: Robert Farnon, D: Donald Sutherland: Frank Lansing * Vanessa Redgrave: Hed/d/i Lindquist, Richard Widmark: Otto Gerran, Christopher Lee: Lechinski, Barbara Parkins: Judith Ruben & Lloyd Bridges: Smithy) 118m-Abenteuer (Roman von Alistair MacLean, 1971) (11-04; 7912)

Birth of the Beatles (1979-USA; d: Richard Marquand, B: John Kurland, Jacob Eskendar, K: Alan Hume, M: Carl Davis, D: Stephen MacKenna: John Lennon, Rod Culbertson: Paul McCartney, John Altman: George Harrison, Ray Ashcroft: Ringo Starr, Ryan Michael: Pete Best, David Wilkinson: Stuart Sutcliffe, Brian Jameson: Brian Epstein) 104m-Biopicdrama (06-?; 8006-BBFC + E + I) > TVM (7911)

The Watcher in the Woods (Schrei der Verlorenen, 1979-USA * John Hough) (Roman von Florence Engel Randall) (8004) > the film was pulled after its New York premiere run, new ending was filmed and some re-editing done on the whole film. Re-launched with the same title in 1981 (83m * 8111, LA)

Caveman (Caveman - Der aus der Höhle kam, 1980-USA; R: Carl Gottlieb, B: Rudy De Luca, Carl Gottlieb, K: Alan Hume, M: Lalo Schifrin, D: Ringo Starr: Atouk * Barbara Bach: Lana * Dennis Quaid: Lar) 91m-Komödie (02-03; 8104)

Eye of the Needle (Die Nadel, 1980-GB * Richard Marquand) (Roman von Ken Follett) (8104-BBFC | 8107-USA)

For Your Eyes Only (James Bond 007 - In tödlicher Mission, 1980/81-GB * John Glen) (09-02; 8106)

[Star Wars: Episode VI -] Return of the Jedi ([Star Wars: Episode VI -] Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter, 1982-USA * Richard Marquand) (8305)

Octopussy (James Bond 007 - Octopussy, 1982/83-GB * John Glen) (08-01; 8306)

Supergirl (Supergirl, 1983-GB; R: Jeannot Szwarc, B: David Odell, K: Alan Hume, M: Jerry Goldsmith, D: Faye Dunaway: Selena * Helen Slater: Supergirl/Linda Lee) 124m-Fantasyabenteuer (04-08; 8407)

Lifeforce (Lifeforce - Die tödliche Bedrohung, 1984-GB; R: Tobe Hooper, B: Dan O'Bannon, Don Jakoby, K: Alan Hume, M: Henry Mancini, D: Steve Railsback: Commander Tom Carlsen, Peter Firth: Inspector Colin Caine, Frank Finlay: Dr. Hans Fallada, Nicholas Ball: Roger Derebridge & Mathilda May: space girl) 101m-Sci-Fi-Horror (Roman The Space Vampires von Colin Wilson, 1976) (02-06; 8506-USA)

A View to a Kill (James Bond 007 - Im Angesicht des Todes, 1984/85-GB * John Glen) (08-01; 8506)

Runaway Train (Runaway Train * Expreß in die Hölle, 1985-USA; R: Andrei Konchalovsky, B: Djordje Milicevic, Paul Zindel, Edward Bunker, K: Alan Hume, M: Trevor Jones, D: Jon Voight: Manny * Eric Roberts: Buck, Rebecca DeMornay: Sara) 111m-Actionthriller (02-?; 8512)

The Second Victory (Second Victory, 1985-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Morris L. West, K: Alan Hume, M: Stanley Myers, D: Anthony Andrews: Maj. Hanlon, Helmut Griem: Karl Fischer, Mario Adorf: Dr. Joseph [Sepp] Künzli, Renee Soutendijk: Traudi Holzinger, Birgit Doll: Anna Künzli & Max von Sydow: Dr. Huber) 112m-Nachkriegsdrama (Roman von Morris L. West, 1958) (10-?; 8604-BBFC)

Hearts of Fire (Hearts of Fire, 1986-USA; R: Richard Marquand, B: Scott Richardson, Joe Eszterhas, K: Alan Hume, M: John Barry, D: Fiona Flanagan: Molly McGuire * Rupert Everett: James Colt & Bob Dylan: Billy Parker) 95m (08-11; 8711-GB)

A Fish Called Wanda (Ein Fisch namens Wanda, 1987-USA/GB * Charles Crichton) (8807)

Without a Clue (Genie und Schnauze, 1987/88-GB * Thom Eberhardt) (11-?; 8904)

Shirley Valentine (Shirley Valentine - Auf Wiedersehen, mein lieber Mann, 1988-USA; R: Lewis Gilbert, B: Willy Russell, K: Alan Hume, M: Willy Russell; George Hatzinassios, D: Pauline Collins: Shirley Valentine-Bradshaw, Tom Conti: Costas) 108m-Komödie (Bühnenstück von Willy Russell, 1986) (09-?; 8908)

Eve of Destruction (Eve 8 - Außer Kontrolle, 1989/90-USA; R: Duncan Gibbins, B: Duncan Gibbins, Yale Udoff, K: Alan Hume, M: Philippe Sarde, D: Gregory Hines: Jim McQuade, Renee Soutendijk: Eve Simmons/Eve VIII) 100m-Sci-Fi-Actionthriller (12-?; 9101)

Stepping Out (Stepping Out, 1990-USA; R: Lewis Gilbert, B: Richard Harris, K: Alan Hume, M: Peter Matz, D: Liza Minnelli: Mavis Turner, Shelley Winters: Mrs. Fraser, Bill Irwin: Geoffrey) 109m-Tanzdrama (Bühnenstück von Richard Harris, 1984) (08-11; 9110)

Just Like a Woman (Just Like a Woman, 1991-GB; R: Christopher Monger, B: Nick Evans, K: Alan Hume, M: Michael Storey, D: Julie Walters: Monica * Adrian Pasdar: Gerald) 106m-Tragikomödie (Buch Geraldine: For the Love of a Transvestite von Monica Jay, 1985) (10-?; 9209)

Carry On Columbus (Mach's nochmal, Columbus, 1992-GB; R: Gerald Thomas, B: Dave Freeman; John Antrobus, K: Alan Hume, M: John Du Prez, D: Jim Dale: Christoph Columbus, Bernard Cribbins: Mordecai Mendoza, Maureen Lipman: Gräfin Esmeralda) 91m-Komödie (04-05; 9210)

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