Julie ANDREWS (Dame, 2000) | Julia Elizabeth Wells
* 01.10.1935, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England, GB

Schauspielerin * 1947 erster Bühnenauftritt in der Revue Starlight Roof in London * 1950-52 wirkt in der BBC-Radioshow Educating Archie mit * 1954 Debüt am Broadway in The Boyfriend * 1956-59 großer Erfolg in New York und London als Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady * 1960-62 weiterer Erfolg als Königin Guinevere in Lerner-Loewe-Produktion von Camelot * 1963 preisgekröntes (Oscar & Golden Globe) Filmdebüt in Mary Poppins * 1966 host der TV-Sendung The Julie Andrews Show * Superstar der 60er Jahre - 1967 & 1968 erhält Golden Globe[s] als beliebteste Filmschauspielerin der Welt * ab 1969 tritt hauptsächlich in Filmen ihres 2. Ehemanns Blake Edwards (seit 1969) auf * 1972/73 host der TV-Serie The Julie Andrews Hour (Emmy) * 1979 revival ihrer Filmkarriere mit dem Kassenhit 10 * in 90er Jahren kehrt auf die Bühne zurück (Putting It Together, 1993; Victor/Victoria, 1995) * 2008 veröffentlicht ihre Autobiographie Home: A Memoir of My Early Years * seit 1992 goodwill ambassador des United Nations Development Fund for Women * (unter dem Namen Julie Edwards) veröffentlicht die Kinderbücher Mandy (1971), The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles (1974), Little Bo (1999) und Dumpy-Reihe (mit ihrer Tochter Emma Walton Hamilton, 2000-01)

Mary Poppins (1963-USA * Robert Stevenson ... Mary Poppins) (Bücher von P.L. Travers) (6408)

The Americanization of Emily (1963-USA * Arthur Hiller ... Emily Barham) (Roman von William Bradford Huie) (6410)

The Sound of Music (1964-USA * Robert Wise ... Maria) (6503)

Hawaii (1965-USA * George Roy Hill ... Jerusha Hale) (Roman von James Michener) (6610)

Torn Curtain (1965/66-USA * Alfred Hitchcock ... Sarah Sherman) (11-02; 6607)

Thoroughly Modern Millie (Modern Millie, 1966-USA; R: George Roy Hill, B: Richard Morris, K: Russell Metty, M: Elmer Bernstein, Andre Previn, D: Julie Andrews: Millie Dillmount, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing, James Fox) 138/52m-Musical (05-09; 6703)

Star! (Star!, 1967-USA; R: Robert Wise, B: William Fairchild, K: Ernest Laszlo, MB/ML: Lennie Hayton, D: Julie Andrews: Gertrude Lawrence, Richard Crenna) 176m-Musikbiografie (04-11; 6810)

Darling Lili (Darling Lili, 1969-USA; R: Blake Edwards, B: Blake Edwards, William Peter Blatty, K: Russell Harlan, M: Henry Mancini, D: Julie Andrews: Lili Smith, Rock Hudson) 136m-Komödie (7006)

The Tamarind Seed (Die Frucht des Tropenbaumes, 1973-GB; R+B: Blake Edwards, K: Frederick A. Young, M: John Barry, D: Julie Andrews: Judith Farrow, Omar Sharif) 125m-Agentenabenteuer (Roman von Evelyn Anthony) (7407-USA)

10 (1978/79-USA * Blake Edwards ... Samantha "Sam" Taylor) (11-02; 7910)

Little Miss Marker (Ein reizender Fratz, 1979-USA; R+B: Walter Bernstein, K: Philip H. Lathrop, M: Henry Mancini, D: Walter Matthau * Julie Andrews: Amanda Worthington) 103m-Komödie (Kurzgeschichte von Damon Runyon, 1932) (03-?; 8003)

S.O.B. (Hollywoods letzter Heuler - S.O.B., 1980-USA; R+B: Blake Edwards, K: Harry Stradling, Jr, M: Henry Mancini, D: Julie Andrews: Sally Miles, William Holden) 121m-Satire (8107)

Victor Victoria (1981-GB/USA * Blake Edwards ... Victoria Grant) (03-?; 8203)

The Man Who Loved Women (Frauen waren sein Hobby, 1983-USA; R: Blake Edwards, B: Blake Edwards, Milton Wexler, Geoffrey Edwards, K: Haskell Wexler, M: Henry Mancini, D: Burt Reynolds * Julie Andrews: Marianna, Kim Basinger) 111m-Komödie (02-05; 8312)

That's Life! (That's Life - So ist das Leben, 1985-USA; R: Blake Edwards, B: Milton Wexler, Blake Edwards, K: Anthony B. Richmond, M: Henry Mancini, D: Jack Lemmon, Julie Andrews: Gillian Fairchild) 102m-Komödie (8609)

Duet for One (1986-USA; R: Andrei Konchalovsky, B: Tom Kempinski, Jeremy Lipp, Andrei Konchalovsky, K: Alex Thomson, D: Julie Andrews: Stephanie Anderson, Alan Bates, Max von Sydow) 107m-Drama (8612)

Cin Cin (Tchin Tchin, 1990-I; R: Gene Saks, B: Ronald Harwood, K: Franco Di Giacomo, M: Pino Donaggio, D: Marcello Mastroianni, Julie Andrews: Pamela Piquet) 97m-Komödie (9106)

Relative Values (In "bester" Gesellschaft, 1999-GB; R: Eric Styles, B: Paul Rattigan, Michael Walker, K: Jimmy Dibling, M: John Debney, D: Julie Andrews: Felicity Marshwood, Edward Atterton, William Baldwin, Colin Firth, Stephen Fry, Sophie Thompson, Jeanne Tripplehorn) 88m-Gesellschaftskomödie (08-09; 0006)

Unconditional Love (Wer tötete Victor Fox?, 1999/00-USA * P.J. Hogan ... sie selbst) (10-05; 0208-GB)

The Princess Diaries (Plötzlich Prinzessin, 2000-USA; R: Garry Marshall, B: Gina Wendkos, K: Karl Walter Lindenlaub, M: John Debney, D: Julie Andrews: Clarisse Renaldi, Anne Hathaway) 115m-Komödie (Roman von Meg Cabot) (09-12; 0108)

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (Plötzlich Prinzessin 2, 2003/04-USA; R: Garry Marshall, B: Shonda Rhimes, K: Charles Minsky, M: John Debney, D: Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews: Königin Clarisse Renaldi) 115m-Komödie (0408)

Tooth Fairy (2008-USA * Michael Lembeck ... Lily) (1001)


Academy Award / Oscar (beste Hauptdarstellerin) für Mary Poppins (1965)

Golden Globe (beste Darstellerin - Kategorie Komödie/Musical) für Mary Poppins (1965)

Golden Globe (beste Darstellerin - Kategorie Komödie/Musical) für The Sound of Music (1966)

Golden Globe (beste Darstellerin - Kategorie Komödie/Musical) für Victor/Victoria (1983)

David /di Donatello/ (beste ausländische Darstellerin) für Victor/Victoria (1983)

Donostia-Preis (für ihr Lebenswerk) [Filmfestival San Sebastián 2001]


James Arntz, Thomas S. Wilson: Julie Andrews. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1995 - 237 S.

Robert Windeler: Julie Andrews: A Life on Stage and Screen. New York: Carol Publishing, 1997

In his second biography of Andrews (following Julie Andrews, LJ 3/15/83), Windeler continues to look at a woman about whom surprisingly little has been written. He covers Andrews's career from its start in 1947, when she was 13, right up to her recent refusal of a Tony nomination for Victor/Victoria as well as her private life. Windeler tries to show the "real" Andrews as anything but Mary Poppins, a role that gave her an Academy Award and a firm place as a star but forever typecast her as perky and sweet. No dramatic roles she has tried have sat well with her public. The irony is that, though she's occasionally foul-mouthed, there really aren't any skeletons in her closet. While there are no bombshells in this interesting but dry biography, 1997 marks Andrews's 50th year in show business, and much has happened since 1983. So even if you have the older book, fans will want this one. Library Journal (© 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.) > 236 S.

Richard Stirling: Julie Andrews: an Intimate Biography. London: Portrait, 2007

Julie Andrews is the last of the great Hollywood musical stars - her extraordinary career spans more than forty years. Her first film, Mary Poppins, was Disney's most successful film, and in 1965 The Sound of Music rescued Twentieth Century Fox from bankruptcy. Three years later, Star! almost put the studio back under, and the leading lady of both films fell as spectacularly as she had risen. But Julie Andrews is nothing if not a survivor; and despite many setbacks - including the tragedy of losing her singing voice in 1997 after a botched operation - she's still a performer, recently starring in Shrek and The Princess Diaries. Richard Stirling's deeply researched biography - based on many years of contact with Julie - is a frank but affectionate portrait of an enduring icon of stage and screen. > 8+376 S.

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