* 22.05.1928, Edinburgh, Schottland, GB † 08.06.2011, London, England, GB

Regisseur * studiert Geschichte an der University of Edinburgh * arbeitet als Lehrer * schließt sich der Gateway Theatre Company in Edinburgh an * 1960 geht nach London und findet dort Arbeit bei BBC * beginnt seine Karriere beim Film als Assistent von Ken Loach (1965/66) * ab 1967 inszeniert Folgen verschiedener Fernsehserien bzw. -reihen (The Newcomers, 1967; The Wednesday Play, 1967-69 | "The television background trained Mackenzie to work quickly on taut and realistic narratives, within a tight budget and on schedule." The Guardian, 2011) * 1970 Kinodebüt mit One Brief Summer - anschließend dreht zwei weitere Kinofilme ("Unman I'm proud of, and my wife has a soft spot for One Brief Summer, but Made was a bit of a mess.") * 1972-79 arbeitet ausschließlich fürs Fernsehen ("His Plays for Today /.../ represent some of the best television drama of the 70s." screenonline) * 1981 internationaler Durchbruch mit dem Gangsterfilm The Long Good Friday ("I certainly didn't think it was going to become a legend or a cult film like it has. I think the reason is a combination of things. The idea of the classic gangster was important; you got them in American films but you didn't get them in Britain. /.../ I also think it's to do with the diversity of themes that are in the film. There's terrorism, religion, corruption..." 2006 | "Although The Long Good Friday is widely considered the best British gangster film ever made, it very nearly fell at the first hurdle. Shot in 1979, it was held back for nearly two years because the film's financiers, led by Lew Grade, thought it unpatriotic and were worried that the IRA would bomb the cinemas. With Mackenzie away on holiday, the film was cut down by almost half an hour with the idea that it was to be sold to American television. They even went as far as re-dubbing Hoskins's voice to make it more acceptable to US audiences. Outraged, Hoskins decided to sue. The film was eventually salvaged by George Harrison's company, Handmade Films, which bought the rights for the £900,000 it had cost to make. Despite its success with cinema audiences, Mackenzie only received a one-off payment of £15,000 for his work." The Telegraph, 2011) * ab Mitte der 80er Jahre arbeitet auch in Amerika und realisiert abwechselnd Fernseh- (Miniserie Looking After Jo Jo für BBC, 1998) und Kinoproduktionen (Ruby, 1991) * wird manchmal als "forgotten man of Scottish film" bezeichnet ("Perhaps it's because I have a very boring personality. I've always been slightly anonymous.") | Bild: screenshot (1987)


One Brief Summer (1969-GB; R: John Mackenzie, B: Wendy Marshall, K: David McDonald, M: Roger Webb, D: Clifford Evans: Mark Stevens ° Jennifer Hilary: Jennifer Stevens ° Peter Egan: Bill Denton & Felicity Gibson: Susan Long) 86/90m-Drama (Bühnenstück Valkyrie's Armour von Harry Tierney, 1968) (7103)

Unman, Wittering and Zigo (Die Satansbrut, 1970-GB; R: John Mackenzie, B: Simon Raven, K: Geoffrey Unsworth, M: Michael J. Lewis, D: David Hemmings: John Ebony) 102m-Mysterythriller (Radio- und Fernsehspiel von Giles Cooper, 1958) (08-10; 7106-USA)

Made (1971-GB; R: John Mackenzie, B: Howard Barker, K: Ernest Day, Songs: Roy Harper, D: Carol White: Valerie Marshall * John Castle: Father Dyson * Roy Harper: Mike Preston) 101/8m-Drama (09-12; 7211)

The Long Good Friday (Rififi am Karfreitag, 1979-GB; R: John Mackenzie, B: Barrie Keeffe, K: Phil Meheux, M: Francis Monkman, D: Bob Hoskins: Harold Shand * Helen Mirren: Victoria, Eddie Constantine: Charlie, Dave King: Parky, Bryan Marshall: Harris, Derek Thompson: Jeff) 113m-Thriller (08-10; 8103)

A Sense of Freedom (Lebenslänglich, 1980-GB; R: John Mackenzie, B: Peter McDougall, K: Chris Menges, M: Frankie Miller, Rory Gallagher, D: David Hayman: Jimmy Boyle, Alex Norton: Malkie, Jake D'Arcy: Rab, Sean Scanlan: Jada, Fulton Mackay: Inspector Davidson) 81/6m-Biopic (Buch von Jimmy Boyle, 1977) (03-04; 8510-USA) > TVM (8102)

The Honorary Consul (1982-GB) (Roman von Graham Greene) (10-?; 8309)

The Innocent (1984-GB; R: John Mackenzie, B: Ray Jenkins, K: Roger Deakins, M: Francis Monkman, D: Andrew Hawley: Tim Dobson / Liam Neeson: John Carns, Miranda Richardson: Mary Turner) 96m-Drama (Roman The Aura and the Kingfisher von Tom Hart, 1975) (08-?; 8504-BBFC)

Act of Vengeance (Local 323, 1985-USA/CDN; R: John Mackenzie, B: Scott Spencer, K: Phil Meheux, M: Frankie Miller, D: Charles Bronson: Jock Yablonski * Ellen Burstyn: Margaret Yablonski, Wilford Brimley: Tony Boyle, Hoyt Axton: Silous Huddleston, Robert Schenkkan: Paul Gilly & Ellen Barkin: Annette Gilly) 91/5m-Politthriller (Buch von Trevor Armbrister, 1975) (08-09; 8608-D) > TVM (8604)

The Fourth Protocol (1986-GB) (Roman von Frederick Forsyth) (04-?; 8703)

The Last of the Finest (Blue Heat [- Einsame Zeit für Helden], 1988/89-USA; R: John Mackenzie, B: Jere Cunningham, Thomas Lee Wright, George Armitage, K: Juan Ruiz Anchía, M: Jack Nitzsche, Michael Hoenig, D: Brian Dennehy: Frank Daly, Joe Pantoliano: Wayne Gross, Jeff Fahey: Ricky Rodriguez, Bill Paxton: Howard "Hojo" Jones, Deborra-Lee Furness: Linda Daly, Guy Boyd: R.J. Norringer, Henry Darrow: Captain Joe Torres) 106m-Thriller (11-?; 9003)

Ruby (Ruby, 1991-USA; R: John Mackenzie, B: Stephen Davis, K: Phil Meheux, M: John Scott, D: Danny Aiello: Jack Ruby * Sherilyn Fenn: Candy Cane, Arliss Howard: Maxwell) 110m-Krimidrama (Bühnenstück Love Field von Stephen Davis, 1987) (06-08; 9203)

Voyage (Voyage, 1992/93-USA; R: John Mackenzie, B: Mark Montgomery, K: Clive Tickner, M: Carl Davis, D: Rutger Hauer: Morgan Norvell * Eric Roberts: Gil Freeland * Karen Allen: Catherine "Kit" Norvell, Connie Nielsen: Ronnie Freeland) 94m-Psychothriller (10-?; 9407-F) > TVM (9306)

When the Sky Falls (1999-IRL) (04-06; 0006)

Quicksand (Quicksand, 2000/01-GB/F; R: John Mackenzie, B: Timothy Prager, K: Walter McGill, M: Anthony Marinelli, D: Michael Keaton: Martin Raikes * Michael Caine: Jake Mellows * Judith Godrèche: Lela Forin & Rade Šerbedžija: Oleg, Xander Berkeley: Joey Patterson) 95m-Thriller (Buch Boudapesti 3 von Desmond Lowden) (12-01) > nur Videovertrieb (R # 39671; 0303-D)

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