British Cinema's Mr Reliable
Kenneth MORE
* 20.09.1914, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, England, GB † 12.07.1982, London, England, GB

Schauspieler * fängt an als Bühnenarbeiter am Windmill Theatre in London - fungiert gelegentlich auch in anderen Funktionen und hat 1935 seinen ersten Auftritt in einem Sketch * 1937 Mitglied eines Repertoire-Ensembles in Newcastle * Kriegsdienst bei der Royal Navy * 1946 nimmt wieder seine Arbeit am Theater auf (And No Birds Sing, am Aldwych Theatre in London) und spielt gleichzeitig in ersten Fernsehproduktionen mit (The Silence of the Sea, 1946; Toad of Toad Hall, 1946) * 1947 feiert seinen ersten Bühnenerfolg in Power without Glory - in Folgezeit setzt seine Theaterkarriere fort (The Way Things Go, 1950; The Deep Blue Sea, 1952) * Kinodebüt in Scott of the Antarctic (1947/48) - bis sein Karriereende wirkt fast ausschließlich in britischen Produktionen mit * 1953 endgültiger Durchbruch mit Komödien Genevieve und Doctor in the House * 1954 unterschreibt Fünf-Jahres-Vertrag bei Korda * 1956 steigt mit Reach for the Sky ("I knew I was the only actor who could play the part properly. Most parts that can be played by one actor can equally well be played by another, but not this. Bader's philosophy was my philosophy. His whole attitude to life was mine.") zum Topstar des britischen Films auf ("More's popularity isn't just phenomenal. It's unique, unique because he's a star - by public demand only." Picturegoer) * 1963 spielt letzte große Hauptrolle in The Comedy Man ("More's persona was so strongly associated with traditional middle-class values that his stardom could not survive the shift towards working-class iconoclasts..." Encyclopedia of British Film) und kehrt auf die Bühne zurück (Out of the Crocodile, 1963; Our Man Crichton, 1964; The Secretary Bird, 1968; The Winslow Boy, 1970) * arbeitet auch fürs Fernsehen (Serie The Forsyte Saga, 1967; Serie The White Rabbit, 1967; Titelrolle in der Serie Father Brown, 1974)

"I was very fond of Kenny as an actor, although he wasn't particularly versatile. What he could do, he did very well. His strength was his ability to portray charm; basically he was the officer returning from the war and was superb in that role. The minute that kind of role went out of existence, his popularity as a box-office star began to go down." Lewis Gilbert
# Scott of the Antarctic (Scotts letzte Fahrt, 1947/48-GB * Charles Frend ... Lieutenant E.G.R. [Teddy] Evans)
# Man on the Run (Mann im Netz, 1948-GB * Lawrence Huntington ... Corporal Newman)
# Now Barabbas Was a Robber / Now Barabbas (1949-GB * Gordon Parry ... Spencer)
# Stop Press Girl (1949-GB * Michael Barry ... "Bonzo" [Sergeant])
# Morning Departure (Die Nacht begann am Morgen, 1949/50-GB * Roy Ward Baker ... Lt Commander James)
# Chance of a Lifetime (1950-GB * Bernard Miles ... Adam Watson)
# The Clouded Yellow (Auf falscher Spur, 1950-GB * Ralph Thomas ... Willy Shepley)
# The Franchise Affair (1950-GB * Lawrence Huntington ... Stanley Peters)
# No Highway (Die Reise ins Ungewisse, 1950/51-GB * Henry Koster ... Dobson) > uncredited appearance
# Appointment with Venus (1951-GB * Ralph Thomas ... Lionel Fallaize)
# Brandy for the Parson (Brandy for the Parson, 1951-GB * John Eldridge ... Rackham)
# The Yellow Balloon (Der gelbe Ballon, 1952-GB * J. Lee Thompson ... Ted Palmer)
# Never Let Me Go (Es begann in Moskau, 1952-GB * Delmer Daves ... Steve Quillan) (Roman von Roger Bax) (06-08; 5303)
# Genevieve (Die feurige Isabella, 1952/53-GB * Henry Cornelius ... Ambrose Claveshouse)
# Our Girl Friday (1953-GB * Noel Langley ... Pat Plunkett)
# Doctor in the House (Aber, Herr Doktor..., 1953-GB; R: Ralph Thomas, B: Nicholas Phipps, Richard Gordon, K: Ernest Steward, M: Bruce Montgomery, D: Dirk Bogarde, Muriel Pavlow, KM-Richard Grimsdyke) 91m-Komödie [Roman von Richard Gordon]
# Raising a Riot (Ferien mit Papa, 1954-GB * Wendy Toye ... Anthony Kent)
# The Deep Blue Sea (Lockende Tiefe, 1955-GB * Anatole Litvak ... Freddie Page)
# Reach for the Sky (Allen Gewalten zum Trotz, 1956-GB * Lewis Gilbert ... Douglas Bader)
# The Admirable Crichton (Zustände wie im Paradies, 1957-GB * Lewis Gilbert ... Bill Crichton)
# A Night to Remember (Die letzte Nacht der Titanic, 1958-GB * Roy Ward Baker ... Herbert Lightoller)
# Next to No Time (1958-GB * Henry Cornelius ... David Webb)
# The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (Sheriff wider Willen, 1958-GB * Raoul Walsh ... Jonathan Tibbs)
# The 39 Steps (Die 39 Stufen, 1958-GB * Ralph Thomas ... Richard Hannay)
# North West Frontier (Brennendes Indien, 1959-GB * J. Lee Thompson ... Captain Scott)
# Sink the Bismarck! (Die letzte Fahrt der Bismarck, 1959-GB * Lewis Gilbert ... Captain Jonathan Shepard)
# Man in the Moon (1960-GB * Basil Dearden ... William Blood)
# The Greengage Summer (Es geschah in diesem Sommer, 1960/61-GB * Lewis Gilbert ... Eliot)
# The Longest Day (Der längste Tag, 1961/62-USA * Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton, Bernhard Wicki ... Captain Colin Maud)
# Some People (1962-GB * Clive Donner ... Mr. Smith)
# We Joined the Navy (Auf zur Navy, 1962-GB * Wendy Toye ... Lieutenant Commander Badger)
# The Comedy Man (Die Karriere des Chick B., 1963-GB * Alvin Rakoff ... Chick Byrd)
# The Mercenaries (Katanga, 1967-GB; R: Jack Cardiff, B: Quentin Werty, Adrian Spies, K: Edward Scaife, M/ML: Jacques Loussier, D: Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux, Jim Brown, KM-Doktor Wreid) 100m-Abenteuer (Roman von Wilbur Smith)
# Fräulein Doktor / Gospodica doktor - Špijunka bez imena (Fräulein Doktor, 1967/68-I/YU * Alberto Lattuada ... Colonel Foreman)
# Oh! What a Lovely War (Oh! What a Lovely War, 1968-GB * Richard Attenborough ... Kaiser Wilhelm II.)
# Battle of Britain (Luftschlacht um England, 1968-GB; R: Guy Hamilton, B: James Kennaway, Wilfred Greatorex, K: Freddy/Frederick A. Young, M/ML: Ron Goodwin, D: Harry Andrews, Michael Caine, Trevor Howard, Curd Jürgens, Ian McShane, KM-Group Captain Baker, Laurence Olivier, Nigel Patrick, Christopher Plummer, Michael Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Robert Shaw, Patrick Wymark, Susannah York) 125/31m-Kriegsdrama (nach Derek Wood & Derek Dempster)
# Scrooge (1970-GB * Ronald Neame ... Ghost of Christmas Present)
# The Slipper and the Rose (Cinderellas silberner Schuh, 1976-GB * Bryan Forbes ... Großkämmerer)
# Viaje al centro de la Tierra (Phantastische Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde, 1976-E * Juan Piquer Simón ... Professor Lindenbrock)
# Leopard in the Snow (1977-GB/CDN * Gerry O'Hara ... Sir Philip James)
# The Spaceman and King Arthur (König Artus und der Astronaut, 1979-GB * Russ Mayberry ... König Artus)
» BAFTA Award für Doctor in the House (bester britischer Darsteller, 1955)
» Coppa Volpi (bester Darsteller) für The Deep Blue Sea [Filmfestspiele Venedig 1955]
» Kenneth More: Happy Go Lucky: My Life. London: Hale, 1959
» Kenneth More: More or Less. London: Hodder, 1978
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