hayward Susan HAYWARD | Edythe Marrener

* 30.06.1917, Brooklyn / New York (City), USA † 14.03.1975, Hollywood / Los Angeles, USA

1937 Fotomodell in New York * 1938 Filmdebüt * 1939 Vertrag bei Paramount * ab 1949 bei 20th Century-Fox * einer der führenden Stars der 50er Jahre * 1959 Gründung der Produktionsfirma Carrollton Productions * 1968 Bühnendebüt in Mame (Las Vegas) * in 70er Jahren auch Fernseharbeit * stirbt mit 57 Jahren an einem Gehirntumor * Genres: Drama / Abenteuer / Action / Komödie

FILMS (excluding | ohne bits)

Girls on Probation (1938-USA * William McGann / Gloria Adams)
Beau Geste (Drei Fremdenlegionäre, 1939-USA * William A. Wellman / Isobel Rivers)
Our Leading Citizen (1939-USA * Alfred Santell / Judith Schofield)
$ 1,000 a Touchdown (1939-USA * James P. Hogan / Betty McGlen)
Adam Had Four Sons (Adam hatte vier Söhne, 1940-USA * Gregory Ratoff / Hester Stoddard)
Sis Hopkins (1941-USA * Joseph Santley / Carol Hopkins)
Among the Living (Zum Leben verdammt, 1941-USA * Stuart Heisler / Millie Pickens)
Reap the Wild Wind (Piraten im Karibischen Meer, 1941/42-USA * Cecil B. DeMille / Drusilla Alston)
The Forest Rangers (Lodernde Flammen, 1942-USA * George Marshall / Tana Mason)
I Married a Witch (Meine Frau, die Hexe, 1942-USA * René Clair / Estelle Masterson)
Star Spangled Rhythm (1942-USA * George Marshall / Gaststar)
Young and Willing (1942/43-USA * Edward H. Griffith / Kate Benson)
Hit Parade of 1943 / Change of Heart (1943-USA * Albert S. Rogell / Jill Wright)
Jack London / The Adventures of Jack London (1943-USA * Alfred Santell / Charmain Kittredge)
The Fighting Seabees (Alarm im Pazifik, 1944-USA * Edward Ludwig / Constance Chesley)
The Hairy Ape (1944-USA * Alfred Santell / Mildred Douglas)
And Now Tomorrow (Der Morgen gehört uns, 1944-USA * Irving Pichel / Janice Blair)
Deadline at Dawn (1945-USA * Harold Clurman / June Goth)
# Canyon Passage (Feuer am Horizont, 1945-USA; R: Jacques Tourneur, B: Ernest Pascal, K: Edward Cronjager, ML: Frank Skinner, D: Dana Andrews, Brian Donlevy, SH-Lucy Overmire) 93m-Western (Roman von Ernest Haycox) (08-12; 4607)
Smash-up, the Story of a Woman (1947-USA * Stuart Heisler / Angelica Evans)
They Won't Believe Me (1947-USA * Irving Pichel / Verna Carlson)
The Lost Moment (Briefe aus dem Jenseits, 1947-USA * Martin Gabel / Tina Bordereau)
Tap Roots (Tal der Leidenschaften, 1948-USA * George Marshall / Morna Dabney)
The Saxon Charm (1948-USA * Claude Binyon / Janet Busch)
Tulsa (Tulsa, 1948-USA * Stuart Heisler / Cherokee Lansing)
House of Strangers (Blutsfeindschaft, 1949-USA * Joseph L. Mankiewicz / Irene Bennett)
My Foolish Heart (Angst vor der Schande, 1948/49-USA * Mark Robson / Eloise Winters)
Rawhide (Zwei in der Falle, 1950-USA * Henry Hathaway / Vinnie Holt)
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (1950-USA * Henry King / Mary Elizabeth Eden Thompson)
I Can Get It for You Wholesale / Only the Best (1951-USA * Michael Gordon / Harriet Boyd)
David and Bathsheba (David und Bathseba, 1951-USA * Henry King / Baths/h/eba)
With a Song in My Heart (Mit einem Lied im Herzen, 1951-USA * Walter Lang / Jane Froman)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (Schnee am Kilimandscharo, 1952-USA * Henry King / Helen)
The Lusty Men (The Lusty Men, 1952-USA * Nicholas Ray / Louise Merritt)
The President's Lady (Gefährtin (m)eines Lebens, 1952-USA * Henry Levin / Rachel)
White Witch Doctor (Weiße Frau am Kongo, 1952/53-USA * Henry Hathaway / Ellen Burton)
Demetrius and the Gladiators (Die Gladiatoren, 1953-USA * Delmer Daves / Messalina)
Garden of Evil (Der Garten des Bösen, 1954-USA * Henry Hathaway / Leah Fuller)
The Conqueror (Der Eroberer, 1954-USA * R: Dick Powell, B: Oscar Millard, K: Joseph LaShelle, Leo Tover, Harry J. Wild, William Snyder, M: Victor Young, D: John Wayne, SH-Bortai) 111m-Abenteuer
Untamed (Die Unbezähmbaren, 1954-USA * Henry King / Katie O'Neill)
Soldier of Fortune (Treffpunkt Hongkong, 1954/55-USA * Edward Dmytryk / Jane Hoyt)
I'll Cry Tomorrow (Und morgen werd' ich weinen, 1955-USA * Daniel Mann / Lillian Roth)
Top Secret Affair (Charmant und süß - aber ein Biest, 1956-USA * H.C. Potter / Dorothy "Dottie" Peale)
# I Want to Live! (Laßt mich leben, 1958-USA; R: Robert Wise, B: Nelson Gidding, Don M. Mankiewicz, K: Lionel Lindon, M/ML: John/Johnny Mandel, D: SH-Barbara Graham, Simon Oakland) 120m-Justizdrama
Woman Obsessed (Ungebändigt, 1958/59-USA * Henry Hathaway / Mary Sharron)
Thunder in the Sun (Donner in der Sonne, 1959-USA * Russell Rouse / Gabrielle Dauphin)
The Marriage-Go-Round (Ehekarussell, 1960-USA * Walter Lang / Content Delville)
Back Street (Endstation Paris, 1961-USA * David Miller / Rae Smith)
Ada (Ada Dallas, 1961-USA; R: Daniel Mann, B: Arthur Sheekman, William Driskill, K: Joseph Ruttenberg, M: Bronislau Kaper, D: SH-Ada, Dean Martin) 107/9m-Drama /Roman von Wirt Williams/
I Thank a Fool (Das Geheimnis der grünen Droge, 1961/62-GB * Robert Stevens / Christine Allison)
# The Stolen Hours (1962-USA/GB * Daniel Petrie ... Laura Pember) (Bühnenstück von George Emerson Brewer, Jr. & Bertram Bloch) (6310)
Where Love Has Gone (Wohin die Liebe führt, 1964-USA * Edward Dmytryk / Valerie Hayden Miller)
The Honey Pot (Venedig sehen - und erben..., 1965/66-USA * Joseph L. Mankiewicz / Mrs. Sheridan)
Valley of the Dolls (Das Tal der Puppen, 1967-USA * Mark Robson / Helen Lawson)
The Revengers (Revengers, 1971-USA/MEX * Daniel Mann / Elizabeth Reilly)


Golden Globe für With a Song in My Heart (beste Darstellerin – Kategorie Musical/Komödie, 1953)
Darstellerpreis für I'll Cry Tomorrow [Filmfestspiele Cannes 1956]
New York Film Critics Circle Award für I Want to Live ! (beste Darstellerin, 1958)
Academy Award (Oscar) für I Want to Live ! (beste Hauptdarstellerin, 1959)
Golden Globe für I Want to Live ! (beste Darstellerin – Kategorie Drama, 1959)
Jury-Preis für I Want to Live ! (beste Darstellerin) [Filmfestival Mar del Plata 1959]


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kim r. holstonThis biography of one of Hollywood's leading ladies of the 1940s and 1950s covers her childhood, early modeling career, development as an actress, and her break into the movie business. It documents her personal life during her career, including her marriages and attempted suicide, her appearance on the arm of Charlton Heston at the 1974 Academy Awards, and her illness and death the following year. It also provides an analysis of each of her fifty-some feature films, and places Hayward and her films in the context of Hollywood and motion picture history. The complete filmography gives cast and production credits. || Table of Contents: Preface * Introduction * Brooklyn * Hollywood or Bust * Star Billing and Recognition * Star and Superstar * Personal Problems, Professional Triumphs * Better Than the Material * Bowing Out * Chronology * Filmography * Notes * Bibliography * Index
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